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Cutting-Edge New IDF Tank is "A Gamechanger"

“If Thy people go out to battle against their enemy, by whatsoever way Thou shalt send them, and they pray unto Hashem toward the city which Thou hast chosen, and toward the house which I have built for Thy name” I Kings 8:44 (The Israel Bible™)
The Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) Battalion 82 recently decided to drop its decades-old Merkava MK 2 tanks and launched into a new world of military technology by adopting the cutting edge Merkava MK 4 tanks in their place, reported The Jerusalem Post.
A part of the 7 Armored Brigade, Battalion 82 was formed prior to Israel’s War of Independence in 1948 and has since taken part in each of Israel’s wars, according to Major Itamar Michaeli, the battalion’s deputy commander.
Upon completing its mission to secure the unstable Syrian border in mid-July, Battalion 82 entered a lengthy conversion training program to enable IDF crews to become familiar with the Merkava 4. Over the coming weeks, members of the battalion will learn how to fully operate the Rafael-made Trophy active protections system, which intercepts anti-tank missiles, and how to utilize the tank’s radars, which can detect the location of enemy combatants by scanning 360 degrees around the tank’s perimeter.
Additionally, the tanks can provide a level of intense firepower that infantry is not equipped to carry out.
Further, the soldiers will gain an understanding of the advanced computers and communications systems inside the tanks. The computers on board the Merkava 4 can send and receive precise information on enemy coordinates, sharing the data with other tanks, artillery units, and even the air force.
“The tank is a game changer,” Maj. Michaeli affirmed.
During the IDF’s war against Hamas in 2014, Operation Protective Edge, Maj. Michaeli fought in a combined paratroopers-armored corps team in Gaza, and explained how he saw first hand how the tanks’ arrival amid engagement with the enemy truly changed the outcome on the battlefield.
Emphasizing his belief in the importance of employing tanks in warfare, said Maj. Michaeli, “In every battle I’ve known, tanks had prevented many casualties, and destroyed the enemy. They enabled medics to move in and rapidly evacuate the wounded soldiers, saving critical time.”
Expressing his own support for Battalion 82’s decision to acquire Merkava 4 tanks, Michaeli said “Here [with the Merkava MK 4] we have the opportunity of fighting over a wider area, with a more credible, more powerful platform, that can do greater damage,” explaining that the new tanks will easily enable the battalion to spread out wider on the battlefield rather than moving in a single column, as the Merkava 2 formations do.
Simply put, tanks remain absolutely essential for Israel’s success on the front line, argued Maj. Michaeli, especially in light of the current age of asymmetrical warfare. “In infantry against infantry situations, if there is no numerical advantage to either side, both sides incur many casualties. When you create a local advantage by sending in tanks, you break the balance,” he shared with The Jerusalem Post.
All Merkava 2 tanks have since left the service of all conscripted IDF units, but will remain available for some reserve tank crews.


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British lawmaker blames Israel for Islamic terror

Jenny Tonge
The Board of Deputies of British Jews has called on the Liberal Democrat party to dismiss lawmaker Jenny Tonge for saying that Israel has been a major cause in the rise of Islamic terror across the globe.
“The treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is a major cause of the rise of extreme Islamism and Daesh [the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State terror organization],” Tonge stated, adding that Israel was provoking a generation of violent extremists who would have “a justified grudge” against Israel and Britain.
“It is time for Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron to expel her once and for all from the party,” the Board of Deputies said in a statement. The Board’s vice-president, Marie van der Zyl, said that Tonge’s speech was yet another example of the lawmaker’s “outrageous” comments, JTA reports.
In 2012, for example, Tonge addressed an Israeli Apartheid Week event at Middlesex University, where she participated in a discussion on “how to get rid of the Zionists,” saying it “was a difficulty, because they believe so passionately about their position.” However, she continued, “Beware Israel. Israel is not going to be there forever in its present form,” before attacking the “Israel lobby” in the U.S. Afterwards, she resigned from her position as party whip after being given a choice by party leader Nick Clegg either to resign or to apologize.
Clegg also removed Tonge from her position as party health spokesperson in 2010 for demanding that Israel set up an inquiry into the Jewish state’s alleged organ harvesting on the black market in Haiti, where an IDF medical team was providing emergency treatment for earthquake victims. Clegg called her statement “wrong, distasteful and provocative.”

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FULL SPEECH: Newt Gingrich Speaks at Republican National Convention (7-20-16)

Shaming Arab Women to be Martyrs Where is the feminist outcry?

The recently appointed head of Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency gave his first presentation on Tuesday to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset. As part of his overview of the country's current situation, Nadav Argaman addressed the role of Arab women in the terror wave against Israelis that began last September.
More specifically, he talked about the way in which Palestinian girls and women are being forced by the norms of their society to become cannon fodder in the "lone-wolf intifada," characterized by stabbings, car-rammings, Molotov cocktail-hurling, pipe-bombing and rock-throwing.
According to Argaman, so far more than 40 girls and women have been wounded, killed or arrested for committing – or attempting to commit – terrorist attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians. These acts are both homicidal and suicidal in nature: geared toward murder, on the one hand, but usually involve or result in self-sacrifice. Indeed, a teenage girl who runs up to a group of IDF soldiers while flailing a knife and shouting "Allahu akbar" knows she is not long for this world. Even those who go after unarmed passersby are aware that they are likely to be shot in the process.
The Shin Bet chief explained that in the vast majority of such cases, the girls or women had more pressing things on their minds than the politics of resistance that their leaders declare will bring about the elimination of the Jewish state, and that their imams say is a Muslim duty.
In fact, Argaman pointed out, most of these women had "shamed" their families in some way – through what is considered to constitute sexual misconduct. This could include anything from flirting with the wrong boy – a Christian, perhaps – to engaging in actual or perceived adultery.
These women know that what awaits them is a painful, humiliating and often slow death at the hands of one or more male relatives – fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins – with no intervention on the part of their mothers or the Palestinian police.
Yes, honor killing is alive and well in the Palestinian Authority, whose leaders traipse around the United Nations in Armani suits to bemoan Israeli injustices.
To "launder" their inevitable end, many Palestinian girls opt to go out with a literal bang and become "martyrs." Some, Argaman said, are encouraged to do so – even driven to the site of the terrorist attacks they are told to commit – by their parents. If the girls are put to death for dishonoring their families, the stain remains. If, on the other hand, they are killed in the process of maiming Jews, their parents are guaranteed adulation and a hefty monthly stipend from the coffers of the PA, filled regularly by the United States and Europe. You know, places where women are still yammering about glass ceilings at corporations and harassment by drunken boys on campus.
On the very day that Argaman gave his talk, and at the same location, female IDF soldiers were being saluted for their dedicated service through a series of events held in their honor. The main ceremony, called "Women of Valor," included speeches by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Supreme Court President Miriam Naor.
"The history of the Jewish people is full of female role models like yourselves," Netanyahu said, lauding the women soldiers and police officers who have risked, and sometimes lost, their lives confronting Palestinian terrorists. "I am thrilled to see the professionalism, determination and ability of female soldiers in the air, land and sea and in every part of the IDF."
As talk of renewing the "peace process" between Israel and the PA is back in the headlines, it is imperative to remember that there is a war going on. And, as George Orwell wrote in 1943, "There is hardly such a thing as a war in which it makes no difference who wins. Nearly always one side stands more or less for progress, the other side more or less for reaction."
There is no greater tool by which to measure which side in this case stands for progress: the one that honors its women, not slaughters them for dishonoring their men. Yet where is the outcry from Western feminists? Directed at Israel, of course.

Israel and Racism in America Students for Justice in Palestine exploit the deaths of innocent Americans to further their own anti-Semitic political agenda. by Alan M. Dershowitz

In response to the tragic deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana, the New York University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)posted the following on its Facebook page:
"In the past 48 hours another two black men have been lynched by the police.... We must remember that many US police departments train with #IsraeliDefenceForces. The same forces behind the genocide of black people in America are behind the genocide of Palestinians. What this means is that Palestinians must stand with our black comrades. We must struggle for their liberation. It is as important as our own. #AltonSterling is as important as #AliDawabsheh. Palestinian liberation and black liberation go together. We must recognize this and commit to building for it."
Even in moments of national mourning such as these, SJP bigots cannot help but exploit the deaths of innocent Americans to further their own anti-Semitic political agenda, namely to delegitimize and demonize the nation state of the Jewish people.
By implicating Israel in these killings, SJP is engaging in the old trope of blaming Jews for systemic and far-reaching societal problems. This practice was anti-Semitic when some Christian communities used it to blame Jews for plagues, poisonings, and murders; it was anti-Semitic when the Nazis used it to blame Jews for the failing German economy; and it is still anti-Semitic today. There is no more evidence that any of the police who killed Mr. Castile and Mr. Sterling were in fact trained in Israel than there was that Jews were responsible for any of the other crimes that formed the basis for traditional blood libels.
The essence of anti-Semitism is the bigoted claim that if there is a problem, then Jews – and now Zionists – must be its cause.
The oppression of black Americans long predates the founding of the state of Israel; contrary to the claims of SJP and like-minded groups, Zionism did not beget racism, nor is Zionism a reflection of racism. It is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. But the twisted logic on the part of SJP should come as no surprise, given that the same organizationblamed Zionism for rising tuition costs in the City University of New York college system. The essence of anti-Semitism is the bigoted claim that if there is a problem, then Jews – and now Zionists – must be its cause.
Addressing the structural causes of racism in the United States will take more than scapegoating Israel – it will require the type of far-reaching legislative action of which our current Congress seems incapable. By morphing the discussion about criminal justice reform and systemic racism in the United States into a polemic against Israel, SJP makes progress even more difficult.
That said, the reaction by SJP is reflective of a broader trend in hard left politics. Increasingly, groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), MoveOn, Code Pink, and Occupy Wall Street have embraced intersectionality – a radical academic theory, which holds that all forms of social oppression are inexorably linked.
This radical concept has led to the linking of disparate left-wing causes, no matter how tenuous their connections. Some intersectional feminist activists, for example, insist that feminists must oppose drone strikes (and by extension, Hillary Clinton), because they negatively impact women in the developing world. Even more absurdly, Jill Stein – the Green Party candidate for president – has come out in favor of the bigoted Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, partly on the grounds that support for Israel furthers the interests of the military-industrial complex, and by extension the fossil fuel industry.
Intersectionality seems to be driving hard left activists towards a "No True Scotsman" worldview: increasingly, they insist on a package of unrelated left-wing causes that must be embraced by anyone claiming the label of progressive – including the demonization of Israel as a racist, apartheid state.
Perhaps more worryingly, intersectionality tends towards the conclusion that the existing social, political, and economic system is flawed in so many profound ways, that any attempt at remaking it through democratic means is unacceptable. Activists have become increasingly obsessed with "Shut it Down" protest tactics, and a proud politics of "disrespectability," that prioritizes resistance to a "corrupt," "rigged" socio-economic system over respectful discourse and political compromise.
This helps to explain the sympathetic attitude of Black Lives Matter activists towards groups like Hamas, which embrace terror as a mode of "resistance" (in their view) against Israel. Indeed, Black Lives Matter activists have visited Gaza to express solidarity with Palestinians oppressed by so-called racist Israeli self-defense measures. While Black Lives Matter claims to disavow violence in securing its political objectives, many of its most prominent members are far more eager to criticize the "Israeli genocide of Palestinians" than to criticize Hamas for using rockets to target Israeli civilians. Black Lives Matter and other hard left groups have been notably silent about other oppressed ethnic groups such as Tibetans, Chechens, and Kurds. The only alleged "oppressors" they single out for condemnation are the Jews. This double standard raises legitimate questions about their real motivations.
Moreover, the conflation of police actions in American cities with Israeli military actions in Gaza raises a disturbing question: if the so-called oppression of Palestinians in Gaza and the oppression of people of color in the United States are two sides of the same coin – as the SJP implied in its tweet – are the violent tactics employed by Hamas, and perversely supported by many on the hard left, an appropriate model to emulate in the United States? One hopes that the answer is no, and that the intersectionalist radicals will make that clear to their followers.
This op-ed originally appeared on

EU: Israeli occupation is 'root' cause of violence

  • Dispute over holy sites in Jerusalem were "proximate" cause of new wave of violence (Photo: Mohammad Usaid Abbasi)

EU states, in an internal report drafted last year, have said the outbreak of Palestinian knife and car-ramming attacks against Israelis in Jerusalem is due, in large part, to Israel’s occupation.
They said the attacks began after right-wing Israeli politicians and religious groups began to question the status quo on Arab rights at the Temple Mount complex in the Old City.
  • Israel has kept Palestinian territories under occupation since 1967 (Photo: Israel Defense Forces)
But they added that living conditions for Palestinians and the loss of hope in a two-state solution formed the psychological “root” of the violence.
The report, drafted and endorsed in December 2015 by all the EU countries that have embassies in Jerusalem and Ramallah, said the Temple Mount developments were the “proximate cause” for the upsurge in violence that began after summer last year.
But it said the “heart of the matter” was “the Israeli occupation since 1967 and a long-standing policy of political, economic and social marginalisation of Palestinians in Jerusalem”.
It said that the “new reality” came “against a backdrop of deep frustration amongst Palestinians over the effects of the occupation, and a lack of hope that a negotiated solution can bring it to an end”.
The 39-page paper, seen by EUobserver, is part of regular reporting by EU diplomats in the region.
It is not meant to be published, but is designed to act as a reference document for meetings of EU foreign ministers in Brussels and for proposals put forward by the EU foreign service.
The report noted that the attacks were “spontaneous in nature” and mostly involved “young Palestinian men and women … acting without the apparent direction of political factions or militant groups”.
Inside Palestinian communities, the occupation has prompted higher levels of “drug abuse, division and displacement of families, domestic violence, loss of cultural identity, and high levels of stress and depression,” the EU report said.
At the time the report was filed, in early December, Palestinian attackers had killed eight Israelis and Israeli forces and civilians had killed 24 Palestinians.
By the start of June this year, those figures had climbed to 35 Israeli and more than 200 Palestinian deaths.

’Unlawful killings’

The EU diplomats warned that the resulting Israeli crackdown - which included widespread use of lethal force and house demolitions that amounted to “collective punishment” - made matters worse.
“Some Palestinian perpetrators of individual attacks have apparently been shot and killed in situations where they no longer posed a threat”, the report said.
It said that images circulated on social media fuelled the tension.
In one incident captured on video, Israeli police “appeared” to shoot a Palestinian suspect walking away from a crime scene after Israeli bystanders had called on them to open fire.
It added that “both sides” were guilty of “inflammatory rhetoric” and said EU states should “firmly condemn” any killing of civilians.
But it also called on the EU to voice “deep concern” on “excessive use of force” by Israeli police, which were “possibly amounting in certain cases to unlawful killings”.
Aside from the violence, which came to be called the Knife Intifada, meaning “knife uprising”, the EU paper chronicled: Israel’s ongoing settlement expansion; restrictions on Palestinian access to housing, education, healthcare, and jobs; and Israel’s manipulation of archeological digs to denigrate Palestinian people’s historical links to Jerusalem.
It said that none of the trends were new and that all of them had “worsened” over the course of last year.
It said that 84 percent of Palestinian children in the city lived below the poverty line.
It noted that up to 22,631 Palestinian children were not enrolled in school, while 36 percent of those who did go to school dropped out before completing basic education.
It said Israeli restrictions cost the Palestinian economy in the region $200 million (€179.6 million) a year in lost income and that 37 percent of young Palestinians are out of work.

Known violent settlers

The EU embassies said EU states should “ensure full and effective implementation” of a new EU code that required Israeli settler exports to be labelled in European shops.
It urged the EU to develop “further guidelines” that differentiate between Israel and its illegal settlements.
It said that while the EU is against a “boycott” of Israel, member states should “raise awareness” of the “risks” for EU firms that operate in settlement areas.
It also said that “known violent settlers and those calling for acts of violence” should be put under EU visa bans.
EU ambassadors had already proposed similar measures in a leaked report drafted at the end of 2014.
But the EU foreign relations chief, Federica Mogherini, at the time said: “There’s currently no question of sanctioning anybody. The question is rather how to motivate people to … restart peace talks”.

’Shameful, delusional’

The Israeli government has condemned the EU retail labelling code as “shameful” and “hypocritical”.
When the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallstroem, in January echoed the 2015 EU report by calling for investigations into Israeli killings of Palestinian suspects, Israel called her “delusional” and accused her of inciting violence.
For its part, France is trying to restart the peace process by holding an Arab-Israeli summit in Paris by the end of the year.

Danish Muslim ghettos: “Youths” use water pistols to shoot acid in non-Muslim womens face (video of ambush)

Translated from TV2:
“Around 15.00 the car went past Husum Station and passed a car, which used a water pistol to spray the happy students. The gun was loaded with an acid-like liquid that hit two of the vehicle’s female passengers. Both female students spent the day in the emergency department at Herlev Hospital, where they were given an hour-long rinsing baths for the eyes. According to BT, the girls are well under the circumstances.”
“This weekend has seen three separate attacks on Danish students by young Arab immigrants.
In Denmark there is a tradition that once students graduate from Gymasium, each class ride around in large open vehicles, visiting all of their parents to celebrate.
First reports said it was just boys throwing eggs for fun, but the truth has started to trickle out.
Here is a video of a group barricading the road, driving a car towards the students, and then dousing them in egg, flour and oil.
Other reports and interviews from the police say another group of students had stones thrown at them – one girl hit in the head.
Two girls in another vehicle had acid sprayed in their eyes.”

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CAIR Hands Out Anti-Islamophobia 'Pills' to People at Republican Convention How about pills that immunize us against axe-attacks, truck rampages, and gunmen that scream "Allah'u Akbar!"?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has to get some free PR somehow. In June, TruthRevolt's Trey Sanchez reported that CAIR released a spoof "anti-Islamophobia" pill commercial.
Well, the purported civil rights organization's minions are now delivering the goods at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, handing out "pills" that cure Islamophobia (a "disease" CAIR made up, in fact). 
"Take two and call a Muslim in the morning." 
That's the labeling on CAIR's "Islamophobin" packages of chewing gum disguised as a panacea for Republican bigots. 
The "pill box" claims to alleviate "blind intolerance," an "irrational fear" of Muslims and "unthinking bigotry." What's more, it cures "U.S. presidential fear mongering."
The box's faux-warning label reads that the only side effect is that users will "spread love."
Of course this tongue-in-cheek gag would be fun if it were not coming from a group with known ties to Hamas, if the Republican Party did in fact stand for blind hatred and bigotry, and if there weren't abundant and ongoing demonstrable evidence that people's concerns about Islam are legitimate. 
We think CAIR should instead invent a pill that will immunize innocent people against axe-attacks, rogue truck rampages, lone-wolf suicide vests, and guns that scream "Allah'u Akbar!" before opening fire. 
(h/t: Washington Examiner)

PA Honors Another Terrorist Amid U.S. Foreign Aid Re-Evaluation

Instead of promoting peaceful coexistence, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has decided to honor yet another Palestinian terrorist who killed numerous Israeli civilians.
The PA unveiled a statue Sunday of terrorist Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar who orchestrated a deadly bombing in Jerusalem that killed 15 and injured over 60 Israelis in 1976, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports.
Abu Sukkar was released after serving 28 years of a life sentence as part of an Israeli goodwill gesture to the PA in 2003.
Senior Palestinian officials – including the director of the PA's Commission of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, and the governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh, Laila Ghannam, – participated in the terrorists' commemoration.
Karake proclaimed that "this monument is intended to implant in the minds of sons and daughters that we are continuing to be loyal to the path of the Martyrs," the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported.
"Ahmad Abu Sukkar is a real man, a fighter, and a man who left his impression on everyone and who was a school for giving, resolve, and courage. We are proud of him as one of the symbols of the Palestinian national struggle..." Karake said.
The presence of these senior officials reinforces the fact that the Palestinian government openly glorifies people for murdering innocent Israelis, while encouraging future generations of Palestinian youth to emulate terrorists.
Earlier this month, members of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee agreed to explore options to stifle a PLO program that pays monthly salaries to convicted terrorists. Palestinian affiliated organizations, including the PLO, are continuing to exploit a loophole in U.S. foreign aid that enables the Palestinian government to pay terrorists and their families. Coupled with systematic indoctrination and glorification of terrorism, generous financial payments contribute to existing incentives among Palestinian youth to attack and kill innocent Israelis.
In a speech aired on YouTube on Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cancel the terrorist commemoration to avoid promoting violence among Palestinian youth.
"Rather than dedicate a statue to a mass-murderer, I ask that you consider honoring a champion of co-existence. This will help educate future generations to love peace over war, compassion over violence," said Netanyahu.

Why is Virginia a Haven for Would-be Jihadists?

What is it about Virginia?
Already this year, six men from the "Cavalier State" have been arrested on terror-related charges – two of them in July alone. Another man has joined the Islamic State in Syria. Two of those charged were stopped from making a similar trip.
These most recent arrests, one on July 3, the other on July 8, were based on charges of planning to provide material support to ISIS. Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, a former member of the National Guard who was arrested July 3, allegedly discussed planning an attack against U.S. military in the homeland inspired by fellow Virginian Nidal Hasan's 2009 shooting at Fort Hood. According to court documents, Jalloh quit the Guard and later attempted to obtain funds and weapons for a domestic attack after being inspired by Anwar al Awlaki's videos on YouTube.
Five days later, Virginia law enforcement arrested Haris Qamar, following an extended FBI sting operation. According to an FBI affidavit, Qamar made statements to an informant such as, "By-bye, DC, stupid a— kufar [infidels], kill 'em all," and posted to his Twitter account a prayer for "strength to the mujahedeen to slaughter every single US military officer."
Earlier arrests this year – two in June and one in January – involved men planning to join the jihad in Syria, rather than waging domestic battles. In one case, Mohamad Jamal Khweis, who had already joined the Islamic State, surrendered to Kurdish forces in Iraq in an apparent effort to escape the hell of life in the new caliphate. Now awaiting sentencing in the United States, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
Why does this keep happening in Virginia? What makes its young Muslims more susceptible to the radical messages from Awlaki and ISIS social media?
Virginia has proved to be an active center for radical Islamist activity over the years and has bred more than its share of terrorists since 9/11. It was at the Hamas-linked Dar al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, for instance, that terrorist icon Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni-American whom counter-terrorism officials say inspired hundreds of other Muslims to take arms in violent jihad, once served as imam. Among his disciples: Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan; Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, convicted in 2005 of collaborating with al-Qaida and plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush; and several of the 9/11 hijackers.
And it was in Virginia that, in the still fragile and bewildered aftermath of 9/11, "Beltway snipers" John Allen Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo shot and killed more than 12 people, including an FBI analyst, in October 2002.
While internet and social media remain powerful weapons in the terrorist recruitment arsenal, personal connections remain the most potent tool. Honor student Ali Shukri Amin, charged with soliciting donations for ISIS, is also suspected of helping another Virginian, Reza Niknejad, travel to Syria.
While none of the recent cases implicate specific mosques, the influence of Dar al Hijrah and some of its imams appears to have been widespread.
To some extent, this could be thanks to its current imam, Shaker Elsayed. In 2002, he told a conferencehosted by the Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle for North America that deciding whether suicide bombers were martyrs was "an in house business" for Muslims.
In a dramatic speech available online since 2013, Elsayed rants against the West and calls for "the power of faith" and "the power of armament." In the post-9/11 world, he observes, even world leaders have "bowed down" to the Western pressure. "We the Muslim masses should never bow down except to Allah!" he says, "and this will give us our dignity back."
But other Virginia religious leaders have gone further. Ali al-Timimi, a cancer researcher, was the "spiritual leader" of a group of 11 men convicted of terrorism in 2003 and 2004, Al-Timimi is now serving a life sentence for recruiting Muslims to travel to Pakistan and train for holy war.
Shortly after 9/11, according to the New York Times' coverage of his trial, al-Timimi invited a group of young Muslim men to dinner, where he told them they had a religious duty to fight with the Taliban against American forces. Prosecutors described that statement as "treason," calling al-Timimi a "purveyor of hate and war."
More than 10 years after his conviction, al-Timimi remains a figurehead among radical groups in Virginia and the Capitol district. The Peace and Justice Foundation, which defended al-Timimi and his followers, refers in online documents to a government conspiracy, while numerous web sites offer recordings of al-Timimi's lectures. In addition, a Facebook page devoted to his appeal with more than 2,000 "likes," has built a community in his support. (Followers even raised $12,000 for his mother's medical care.)
The Saudi-sponsored Islamic Saudi Academy, which shut down abruptly last month, faced criticism for its textbooks that promote Wahhabism, an extreme version of Islam practiced by the Saudis. The textbooks contained passages "that extolled jihad and martyrdom, called for victory over one's enemies, and said the killing of adulterers and apostates was 'justified,'" the Washington Post reported. Those passages were found in school textbooks two years after U.S. officials, shocked by the texts in use in 2006, ordered they be revised. Pre-revision books included statements like, "It is said: the apes are the people of the Sabbath, the Jews. The swine are the unbelievers of Jesus' table, the Christians."
The school's 1999 valedictorian, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, was convicted in 2005 for supporting al-Qaida and planning to assassinate the president. (Notably, he also taught Islamic Studies at Dar Al Hijrah.)
As Seamus Hughes of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University's Center or Cyber & Homeland Security told Fox News, "Northern Virginia has a disproportionate number of people that are drawn to this."
Ramy Zamzam is a poster child for this observation. He was among five young men who disappeared from their northern Virginia neighborhood in late 2009, only to be arrested by Pakistani authorities who caught them trying to cross into Afghanistan to join jihadists there.
"We are not terrorists," he said outside a hearing. "We are jihadists, and jihad is not terrorism."
Muslim groups expressed their horror over the incident and promised a program aimed at de-radicalization.
It's not clear that any such plan ever emerged. If it did, it's clearly not working.
Abigail R. Esman, the author, most recently, of Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy in the West (Praeger, 2010), is a freelance writer based in New York and the Netherlands.

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Another PA monument dedicated to "heroic" murderer PA leaders honor killer of 15

PA leaders applaud at the unveiling of "Monument for the heroic Martyr
Prisoner Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar" - terrorist killer of 15

Itamar Marcus 
The Palestinian Authority went through with its plans yesterday to establish a monument honoring the terrorist Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar, who planned the detonation of a bomb-laden refrigerator in the center of Jerusalem, murdering 15 people in 1976. A few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu publicly asked Mahmoud Abbas to cancel the event because of the negative impact terror glorification has on children:

Netanyahu: "Rather than dedicate a statue to a mass-murderer, I ask that you consider honoring a champion of co-existence. This will help educate future generations to love peace over war, compassion over violence."
[Israeli Prime Minister's YouTube channel, July 15, 2016]
As seen in the above picture, the Palestinian Authority ignored Netanyahu's request. Palestinian Media Watch exposed the PA's plans on July 13.
Text on the monument:
"Monument for the heroic Martyr
Prisoner Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar
This monument was erected under the auspices of:
Ramallah and El-Bireh District
The Commission of Prisoners' Affairs
The Palestinian Prisoners' Club
The Turmus Ayya municipality
Arrested in 1976
Sentenced to life
Released in 2003"
[Official Facebook page of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, July 18, 2016]
Palestinian officials participating in this event and seen in the picture include, among others:
- Director of the PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake (left of the monument)
- Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh, Laila Ghannam (right of the monument)
- PA Parliament Member Qais Abd Al-Karim (right of Ghannam)
The following are some of the statements by Palestinian officials at the event honoring the terrorist:
"[Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh] Dr. [Laila] Ghannam said that the death of Ahmad Jabarah 'Abu Sukkar' was a loss for everyone who protects human rights and every freedom fighter. She noted that the deceased fighter left behind a legendary history...

[Chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners' Club Qadura] Fares added in his speech: 'This man was not a regular man, but rather an epic of a struggle that will be written by the history of the Palestinian victory in large letters due to the greatness of our resolute prisoners...

[Director of the PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs] Issa Karake emphasized in his speech that this monument is intended to implant in the minds of our sons and daughters that we are continuing to be loyal to the path of the Martyrs... Karake added: 'Ahmad Abu Sukkar is a real man, a fighter, and a man who left his impression on everyone and who was a school for giving, resolve, and courage. We are proud of him as one of the symbols of the Palestinian national struggle..."
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 18, 2016]

Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar ("Abu Sukkar") - planned a bombing attack in 1975 in which a refrigerator filled with explosives was detonated in Jerusalem. 15 people were killed and over 60 people were wounded. He was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years, but was released from prison after 28 years as part of a goodwill gesture from Israel to the PA in 2003. He was a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and an advisor to Arafat on prisoners' affairs. He died of a heart attack in 2013 in the PA.

Netanyahu rebukes PA terror promotion, citing PMW findings, in video message to Abbas PA dedicating monument today, honoring terrorist murderer who killed 15 civilians. In video, Netanyahu had requested of Abbas that the dedication be canceled

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a public video appeal to PA Chairman Abbas to join Netanyahu's efforts to achieve peace. The short video cited four examples of terror support by PA and Fatah leaders, as examples of PA impediments to peace, all of which were exposed and publicized by Palestinian Media Watch

The following is the transcript of Netanyahu's appeal to Abbas, with links to the PMW bulletins that exposed the PA's and Fatah's terror promotion:

Prime Minister Netanyahu: "President Abbas,
Since over the past several years, you refused to meet me and sit down and negotiate peace, I hope you'll hear this message.
First, your advisor, Sultan Abu al Einein recently called to slit the throat of every Israeli

PMW bulletin, June 27, 2016

"Three days later, a Palestinian terrorist turned these words into action when he slit the throat of a 13-year-old beautiful girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, as she slept.
She was a little, innocent girl. She didn't deserve this.
I ask that you fire this advisor because advocating genocide is not consistent with peace.

Second, your party recently praised a terrorist on Facebook who murdered 24 civilians, innocent Israelis in cold blood.

PMW bulletin, May 18 2016
Fatah honors murderer of 24 from airport attack in 1972:

"I ask that you pick up the phone and instruct your party's social media manager to stop praising mass murderers . 

Impressionable children read these posts. They should be taught harmony, not hate.
Such words seriously harm the chances of peace.

Third, next week the Palestinian Authority will dedicate a monument to Abu Sukkar. Abu Sukkar murdered 15 people by detonating a refrigerator filled with explosives on a busy Jerusalem street.

PMW bulletin, July 13, 2016

PA and PLO dedicate monument to killer of 15

"Rather than dedicate a statue to a mass-murderer, I ask that you consider honoring a champion of co-existence.
This will help educate future generations to love peace over war, compassion over violence.
It will also help convince Israelis that they have a true partner for peace.

Fourth, the PLO currently pays a monthly salary to anyone who murders Jews.

PMW report on salaries to terrorists, April 27, 2016

The PA's claim that it no longer pays salaries to terrorist prisoners is false

"This money provides direct incentive to commit terror.
I ask that you stop paying murderers and instead use this money to fund co-existence education, teach tolerance not terror.
Every Israeli and Palestinian child deserves a life of hope, of tranquility and opportunity.
I will continue to work tirelessly for peace.
It's time that you join this effort."
[Israeli Prime Minister YouTube channel, July 15, 2016]
According to the official PA daily, the Palestinian Authority is ignoring Netanyahu's plea expressed in the video to cancel its dedication of the monument for terrorist murderer Ahmad Abu Sukkar, who killed 15. On July 13, PMW reported on the PA's plans to honor this terrorist, and according to today's PA daily the dedication honoring the terrorist Abu Sukkar is going ahead as planned:

"The [PLO] Commission of Prisoners' Affairs announced that the monument to Martyr (Shahid) prisoner Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar, who died on July 16, 2013, will be erected today in the town where he was born, Turmus Ayya, under the auspices of the Commission of Prisoners' Affairs, Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh District [Laila Ghannam], the Prisoners' Club, and the Turmus Ayya municipality...
It should be noted that Abu Sukkar served 27 years in the occupation's prisons. He was sentenced to a life sentence and an additional 30 years on charges of carrying out a military operation (i.e., terror attack) in Tel Aviv (sic., Jerusalem) in 1975, and was released in 2003 with the intervention of Martyr President Yasser Arafat."
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 17, 2016] 

Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar - planned a bombing attack in 1975 in which a refrigerator filled with explosives was detonated in Jerusalem. 15 people were killed and over 60 people were wounded. He was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years, but was released from prison after 28 years as part of a goodwill gesture from Israel to the PA in 2003. He was a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and an advisor to Arafat on prisoners' affairs. He died of a heart attack in 2013 in the PA.