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Anatomy of a College Brainwashing: How UCI Makes Students Empathize with Hamas and Hate Israel The kids don’t know what is hitting them. DOV FISCHER

Anatomy of a College Brainwashing: How UCI Makes Students Empathize with Hamas and Hate Israel The kids don’t know what is hitting them. DOV FISCHER November 2, 2023, 8:36 PM We all know that the colleges turn good Christian and Jewish children from good homes with good values and love of G-d and country into America-hating G-dless woke progressives. They come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and parents hardly can believe their visitors are the children they reared for 18 years, taught, and cherished. “What happened to my son or daughter?” they ask. “I just signed on for four years at $60,000 a year for the precious child of my life to get a world-class mind-expanding college education and to dorm on campus. What did they do to my child? How did they destroy 12 years of education and home values? How do they brainwash kids?” Here is an example. READ MORE from Dov Fischer: The Brooklyn College Black-Jewish Jukebox Riot of 1970 I know the University of California, Irvine, very well. It is a seven-minute drive from my home and congregation. I taught at their law school for six years and was one of their most popular professors. My subjects there were Remedies and Advanced Torts. Students begged to get into my class. I have documentation: six years of stellar student reviews. I was so popular that students persuaded the administration to allow me to create a brand-new course in American Law and Jewish Legal Issues, as a sort-of expansion beyond other courses on law of interest to Black and Muslim students. I worked 200 hours on preparing that course proposal. We went through all the channels. The course finally was approved by the deans. Students were ready to sign up. And then the course never was offered. Nor was I ever allowed an opportunity to be considered for a tenure-track position. Rather, I was an adjunct, invited to teach courses on a temporary year-to-year basis, with no employee benefits. I was hired by the extreme-leftist Erwin Chemerinsky, the soft-spoken radical who backs packing the Supreme Court with as many leftist judges as needed to reverse the conservative majority. He knew I am a conservative and an Orthodox rabbi, and he would not consider me for tenure track. I had all the qualifications for a tenure-track position: I had graduated from a nationally ranked Top 15 law school, UCLA Law. Not only had I done Moot Court and made law review, but I even was chief articles editor of the UCLA Law Review. Not only had I spent time under a judge, but I clerked in the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit for one of the nation’s top appellate judges and unquestionably the smartest, Danny J. Boggs of Louisville, Kentucky. Judge Boggs rose to be chief judge of the appellate circuit and even was on George H.W. Bush’s short list when he ultimately named Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Moreover, I had actual real-life law experience by litigating nearly a decade at two of the nation’s highest-rated law firms, Jones Day and Akin Gump. My clients included the biggest corporate names: Experian, AT&T, Samsung, and so many more. I was overqualified to teach at the new law school. But I was a political conservative, so all that was nullified. Only years later did Erwin’s disgustingly corrupt and dishonest hiring practices become public knowledge. Watch this one-minute video, posted by Christopher Rufo, in which the churlish cheating Chemerinsky tells an entire class at University of Berkeley Law School that he proudly lies, defrauds, and covers up his dishonesty and bigotry when it comes to hiring or refusing faculty, based on race and ethnicity: When the pandemic hit and my lungs degraded, UCI stopped inviting me to teach. Dozens of law students wrote me, asking where I was, why I was not back. No answer could be given until today — and here. So I know UCI and how it operates, brainwashing students by enveloping them in an all-leftist environment. I still keep tabs on UCI, particularly its college and its School of Law. Several years ago, a bunch of Arab and Muslim students infamously disrupted a speech by Israel’s ambassador to America, Michael Oren. The thing is that Orange County still has enough of a conservative Republican presence not to stand for the garbage that goes on in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Ithaca and Manhattan, New York. So, although the UCI college president wimped out, the district attorney of Orange County brought criminal charges against 11 of the wild animals who disrupted Ambassador Oren. That gutsy move by the off-campus Orange County DA put an end to it, and no Arab Muslim UCI student ever again has done that. Yet, in that heated environment, the anti-Semitic Muslim Arab organization CAIR came out in support of the prosecuted 11 animals, and I was invited to debate a national CAIR leader in two televised debates: YouTube video player YouTube video player The poison remains at UCI, and it reared its ugly head at this latest leftist anti-Israel brainwashing event titled: “Ask a UCI Professor: Israel-Palestine Conflict 101.” That sounds academically fruitful, doesn’t it? “Ask a UCI Professor: Israel-Palestine Conflict 101.” Sounds like an opportunity to learn. But at UCI it is a scheme to brainwash. The key: Ask which professors. These were the four: a Muslim Arab who hates Israel. Another Muslim Arab who hates Israel…. Hmmm. That calls for balance, does it not? And balance there was: A Jewish professor who hates Israel. And another Jewish professor — this one an Israeli who has a long record of attacking Israel. Imagine college kids coming to such a program. They hear one professor after another attack Israel, distort history, say things about Israel that are lies, things about a phony entity fraudulently called “Palestine” and about Arabs who fraudulently call themselves “Palestinians.” The concern is not that Jews have been murdered, slaughtered, butchered, beheaded, raped, with pregnant women cut open live and their fetuses torn out of them, then burned, and then the women burned. That is not the day’s concern. Understand who these four snakes are: One is sometimes Mark “Levine,” when he wants to attack Israel and intensify the attack by conveying that even a Jew hates Israel. And when he wants to hide the Jewish roots of which he is ashamed, he goes by Mark LeVine, professor of history, as though he is French. He ain’t French. He has been cited several times by Campus Watch for his Israel hate. As professor Steven Plaut wrote: While hardly the only Israel-hating extremist at UCI, LeVine has built an academic career on it in a way that others have not. There are few anti-Israel or pro-jihad events at UCI in which he is not somehow involved. LeVine regularly addresses the anti-Semitic Hate Rallies at UCI organized by the student supporters of Hezb’Allah and al-Qaeda, in which Jews are denounced as “Zio-nazis.” LeVine rationalizes and defends the UCI intifada, and blames violence and tensions at the UCI campus on the malevolent Zionist Lobby…. LeVine routinely organizes anti-Israel “scholarly conferences” at UCI, which are little more than anti-Israel indoctrination camps. No dissident pro-Israel opinion may be expressed in them. The standard LeVine format is to include Arab haters of Israel alongside Israeli far-leftist anti-Israel radicals, and then present the invariable bashing of Israel as the consensus position of both Jews and Arabs seeking peace. Among the Israelis who have been included in LeVine “panels” have been Oren Yiftachel, a geographer and fanatic anti-Zionist from Ben Gurion University, best known for his endless rants against Israeli “apartheid,” and Yoav Peled, a hard-core Stalinist Israeli professor of Political Science from Tel Aviv University. One former UCI student even devoted an entire blog to exposing the lies against Israel taught by Mark Levine of the vine. The Israeli, Liron Mor? More poison. She endorsed a hate Israel book. Meryem Kamil And this! She signed as “Liron Mor, Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine.” On another Hate Israel list, she is #136 on “Elephant in the Room.” The aforementioned Mark LeVine is #1256. That’s the second of the 2 Jewish presenters. Now for their “cousins”: Yousuf Al-Bulushi wrote this: “In World War II, the Nazis were the obvious aggressors, occupying a foreign land illegally. In present-day Israel and occupied Palestine, it is Israel that is the aggressor…” Thus, Israel is to be equated with Nazi Germany. Get it? As for Meryem Kamil, she likewise has attacked Israel’s “occupation of Palestinian land.” Imagine: a college student, perhaps your son or daughter, perhaps your grandchild or nephew or niece, attending such a Hate Israel Fest without realizing that is what it is. On another day, your child, grandchild, or other young relative attends another such UCI program aimed not at hating Israel and loving Hamas-ISIS rapists, beheaders, and terrorists but at hating our America. A full day to hate America. In their classes, they are assigned to read books that hate America on reading lists aimed at hating America. They teach such hate in history class, sociology class, philosophy class, political science class, and even in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) courses. The kids do not even know what is hitting them, that they are not being educated but are part of a coordinated nationwide effort at brainwashing peons. Then they come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, transformed. They no longer are the children you brought to church or temple every weekend and holy day. The child you had baptized or circumcised. The one who loved America and the values you taught at home. They are lost to you. You will never have them back. In the left-wing nationwide college invasion of the body snatchers, they have been seized, their minds and souls emptied. That is what is going on today on America’s campuses. How is it done? You just read it. Rabbi Fischer’s two memorial programs and prayer services for Israel in the face of the Hamas–Gaza massacre may be found on YouTube here and here. Because they contain video and photos taken by Hamas at the massacre, YouTube is restricting viewing of the service exclusively to individuals over 18. What they lack in production values, they make up for in heart and soul.

Unethical Gaza Reporting Cuts Crucial Context by Noah Beck Special to IPT News November 5, 2023

Unethical Gaza Reporting Cuts Crucial Context

by Noah Beck
Special to IPT News
November 5, 2023

The adage that "journalism is the first draft of history" understates the impact that journalists have on the present, given that their reporting can change perceptions and public discourse in a way that shapes the history being recorded in that first draft.

The media's ethical duties and challenges are among the greatest when it comes to reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an issue plagued by misinformation and disinformation, and where passions are inflamed by reports that can quickly affect events on the ground. Compounding those concerns is the broader geopolitical context of reporting in the Middle East, a volatile region of proxy wars, terrorism by state and non-state actors, and nuclear weapons and proliferation.

Failures to adhere to journalistic standards can perpetuate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by creating a moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel that leads global public opinion and world leaders to pressure Israel into allowing a baby-burning terror group at its doorstep to prepare for the next round of war, within months after the latest round of violence, rather than allowing Israel to defeat Hamas once and for all.

Through defamatory allegations of "genocide," anti-Israel activists add to the global pressure on Israel that prevents it from militarily eliminating the Hamas threat, a necessary step towards any improvement in the lives of both Gazans and Israelis, given Hamas' commitment to killing all of the Jews in the world (as the organization clearly states in its charter). So while activists and the media outlets that quote them (like Al Jazeera) ignore the very genocidal elements in Hamas' foundational document, they will absurdly allege that Israel is engaged in a "genocide" against Gaza, but never explain why such a powerful army needs nearly two decades and multiple wars to accomplish this "genocide," when the Israeli military could easily do so in a day.

It is Israel's own extraordinarily high ethical standards that have prevented it from committing "genocide," despite countless vicious Hamas attacks whose barbarism has gotten progressively worse over the last few decades, culminating in the October 7th slaughter of 1,400 Israelis, which is the equivalent of almost 52,000 deaths in the USA – about seventeen September 11s in one day, or about 1.3 times the 39,000 people killed by the nuclear bomb over Nagasaki. And the horrific savagery of those murders even in far smaller numbers would likely prompt most militaries in the world to act far more aggressively and decisively than Israel has thus far. Indeed, it is the many battlefield advantages that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) concedes to its enemies, in order to comply with the IDF's exceptionally high ethical code, that have led observers, including British military expert and war hero Richard Kemp, to note that the IDF is the most moral army in the world. In the October 9, 2009 debate on the infamous Goldstone Report issued in the wake of Operation Cast Lead, Colonel Kemp asserted that "the Israeli Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare."

Yet journalists quickly forget these ethically crucial details and too often fail to provide critical context for those trying to gain a meaningful understanding of the conflict and the moral character of each side. And the international community – fueled by the unethical and/or sloppy reporting of so many journalists – forces Israel into accepting military half-measures that simply bring a temporary "quiet" to the region. Tragically, the international pressure for cease fires that allow the root problem of Hamas to fester have proven to be utterly counterproductive, even from the perspective of those claiming to care about the Palestinians, because leaving Hamas in power condemns Gazans to indefinite suffering with only brief respites that end as soon as Hamas decides once again to launch violent attacks against its northern neighbor.

But bad journalism does more than perpetuate the conflict – it actually aggravates it. By omitting crucial context or publishing inflammatory rumors rather than verified facts, the news media fuel a dangerous strategy preferred by Palestinians: inciting fury on the Arab street (often by claiming that Jews are endangering the Al-Aqsa mosque or grossly exaggerating Palestinian casualty figures, as with the 2002 libelously labeled "massacre" in Jenin). The more the Arab street is enraged by misleadingly incomplete or patently false news, the more likely an already combustible situation can quickly spin out of control, with more attacks on Israel by "lone-wolf" attackers, terrorist groups, and/or Arab states feeling public pressure to jump into the fray (as is the current concern with Lebanon, a failed state that is effectively ruled by the Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah).

And even when the conflict of the day finally calms down, after however many lives have been lost and billions of dollars of damage has been done, the unethical news reports disseminated during the war will have still left their mark on the hearts and minds of the whole region and beyond, making it that much harder for Arab regimes to support any long-term peace agreement and/or apply any pressure on the Palestinians regarding their intransigence, incitement and terrorism.

As the saying goes, a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can put its pants on. So when the hastily written first draft of history, produced without proper context or verification, travels far and wide, the damage is done. On the rare occasions that the news media admit their mistakes, there are no massive protests assembled on college campuses and in major cities around the world to vocally apologize for all of the previous marches and condemnations based on bad journalism. The United Nations doesn't retract any of its statements or resolutions that were issued in the wake of biased reporting.

When a crafty lawyer manages to display inadmissible evidence before a jury, the judge will instruct the jury to disregard that information, but every psychologist knows that the jurors' minds have been impacted in a way that cannot be easily undone. Similarly, the harms of unethical journalism inflicted upon Israel, a tiny, embattled democracy, persist long after the conflict being reported on has ended.

Tomorrow, we will detail the many reasons why Hamas is an extremely unreliable source and examine 8 examples of how different media outlets handle this fact when reporting on the latest death tolls in Gaza in part 2 of this story, Why Hamas is an Unreliable Source and How Many Reporters Fail to Disclose This.

Noah Beck is the author of The Last Israelis, an apocalyptic novel about Iranian nukes and other geopolitical issues in the Middle East.

Copyright © 2023. Investigative Project on Terrorism. All rights reserved.

Why Israel? Why invest your life in a country that faces such dangers? NATAN SLIFKIN

Why Israel? Why invest your life in a country that faces such dangers? NATAN SLIFKIN Lately, I’ve been struggling with the question, Why have Israel? How does it make sense? Why would I raise my children in a country with so many threats, with so many dangers - and raise them to serve in the defense forces, with all the added risks entailed? Some people say that God is on our side, but unless He has issued a new update since October 7th, I am not reassured. The picture above, from my daughter’s IDF ceremony, fills me with pride; but the thought of my oldest son being in this ceremony in two years also fills me with dread. Obviously, it’s October 7th which brought this into sharp focus. But there were people discussing this question even beforehand. A few years ago, Daniel Gordis wrote a book titled Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War That May Never End. He spells out the problems with brutal realism: No realistic chance of peace with the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Hamas amassing weapons, a huge Israeli-Arab population which is largely hostile, Iran and others striving for nuclear weapons. Why does it make sense for us to do this? When the State of Israel was originally conceived, some thought it would cause antisemitism to cease. We can all see that as a joke; it’s just provided antisemitism with a new mask. Many consider that the goal of Israel was to provide safety, and some still say that they believe that Israel is the safest place for a Jew to live. Unfortunately, while Israel might psychologically feel safe, the objective reality is that it is certainly far from the safest place. The odds of being harmed by a terrorist outside of Israel are extraordinarily low; the chances of being hit by a missile or being nuked are virtually non-existent. The same cannot be said for living in Israel. But we don’t always choose the safest places to live or the safest things to do. Life is about more than maximizing lifespan and minimizing risk. Life has to have meaning. Daniel Gordis provides other goals and functions of Israel, to which I would like to add some of my own. Here they are, in no particular order. Israel is an opportunity to show ourselves and others what the Jewish People can do when we have sovereignty. What has thousands of years of Torah and the Jewish experience done to condition us, and how is it expressed when we finally have a nation? In the 75 years of the State’s existence, we have accomplished so many things, in so many areas. Whether it’s incredible “social capital,” amazing accomplishments of an idealistic society, technological innovation, assistance for other countries, rescuing other Jews and absorbing astonishing numbers of immigrants, Israel’s accomplishments are extraordinary - especially against the backdrop of the dismal failures of the rest of the Middle East. Israel is our ancestral homeland. Mayim Bialik, in a recent video bemoaning the rampant Judeopathy in the US and the dangers she sees for her son entering college, says, “I feel like a stranger in my own country.” No Jew feels like a stranger in Israel, no matter how poor their Modern Hebrew. We are connected here to an astonishing three thousand years of history and ongoing presence in the land. Israel’s care for Jews is guaranteed. Any Jew, anywhere in the world, has a country that is not only his ancestral homeland, but which will welcome him to live in it. And if Jews are in trouble, anywhere in the world, Israel will try to help, with the resources that only a state can provide. Israel creates a message of hope, even amidst despair. The creation of the State of Israel - with UN approval! - after two thousand years of exile and persecution is the greatest miracle of recent history. Its timing, a few years after the unimaginable devastation of the Holocaust, was utterly revitalizing. And since its creation, there have been many more examples of hope amidst despair - the military victories of ‘48 and ‘67, the Entebbe rescue, even the rescue of Ori Megidish last week. No, things don’t always work out. But the track record means that we have reason to hope that they will. We can’t be certain that God will perform miracles, but in this country He does so pretty often. These are just some of the reasons why Israel is so important and valuable. Feel free to add more.

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Latest News and Comments on War of Hamas-ISIS Extinction

 The mainstream news media are focused now on the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza. So am I. And yet we are focused on two different universes. I am focused on the humanitarian tragedy that sees 240 people snatched from Israel being held as hostages by Hamas. Remember that the people of Gaza freely elected Hamas to lead them. They keep electing them. Polls show that they support them almost unanimously. When Hamas murders Jews, the "poor innocent civilians" in Gaza dance in the streets, celebrate, and distribute candies.

Daniel Greenfield has written eloquently about the innocent "Palestinian" Gaza "civilians." They are not innocents.  See, e.g., here   and here

Israel abandoned its presence in Gaza 18 years ago in 2005. She left behind an infrastructure. The Arabs destroyed what Israel left them. In 18 years they never have built their own electricity infrastructure or water infrastructure. Rather, they have designated all steel and concrete to building an underground tunnel network for the purpose of destroying Israel. Reliable estimates are that 40,000 Hamas terrorists are based in the tunnels. That is no typo: Forty Thousand Hamas terrorists are based in the tunnels. Like rats underground, it is an entire country population living and hiding in tunnels. They get their food and water, and the electric power to provide lights and ventilation, by seizing food, water, and fuel from hospitals that receive them as "humanitarian assistance" from America and the European Union. Citation below.

It now is reliably accepted by even hostile media that Hamas's main headquarters are based in a tunnel deliberately built under Gaza City's Shifa Hospital. The only way (presently) to destroy Hamas headquarters is to destroy the hospital by aerial bomb. So far Israel has not touched the Hamas HQ because they don't want the bad press.

Israel has released telephone recordings its intelligence operations picked up that confirm how Hamas maintains the fuel needed for rocket launching, as well as the food and water its 40,000 terrorists need: they seize those resources from the hospitals that are given "humanitarian" fuel, food, and water by European Union and American taxpayers. Again: Israel is trying to blockade Gaza, except for "humanitarian assistance." Then that humanitarian assistance gets seized by Hamas from its recipients. Israel has released the phone conversations and proof.

The war is in its second phase. A methodical ground invasion has begun. The strategy has been that the northern part of Gaza gets aerial bombed to destroy as many of its tunnels, IEDs, land mines, Koronet anti-tank missiles, rocket launchers, military drones, etc., as possible. Then Israeli ground troops come in by armored personnel carriers, tanks, and on foot. They inch forward and clean up what the aerial bombing could not get, and they identify the next forward area of tunnels, IEDs, etc.  The air force then bombs that, and the ground forces inch forward to clean up that next area. And so on. It is slow, methodical, and perilous. So far, 331 IDF boys have been killed.

The "world" is calling for a "humanitarian ceasefire." In each of her past 6 "mowing the lawn" wars with Hamas in the past 18 years, Israel has agreed to ceasefires prematurely. This time is different. There are several reasons. Obviously, the October 7 attack was different from anything ever before. Hamas was revealed as ISIS. The first 270 who were murdered, raped, beheaded, and kidnaped were peace activists at a Trance Rave all-night dance festival and drug orgy. Those were the first slaughtered by the paragliders. More Jews died on October 7 than died on any other single day since the Holocaust.

But the main reason that Israel will reject all calls for ceasefire, no matter how intense those calls get and how badly the mass media attack Israel, I believe, is that voter polls in Israel show that Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has been unbeatable for two decades, now has been abandoned by the entire electorate from left to right, including his brother-in-law. Many blame him for the entire mess, accusing him of following a failed strategy of "mowing the grass" for 18 years that made the October 7 catastrophe possible. That strategy of 18 years is known widely in Israel as "The Concept" (
הַקּוֹנְסֶפְּצִיָּה): the "Concept" that, (i) if Israel allowed Qatar to supply Hamas with hundreds of millions of dollars annually, (ii) and if Israel allowed into Gaza endless shipments of concrete and steel, (iii) and if Israel allowed into southern Israel 17,000 "innocent Gazan civilians" every day to work at wages higher than possible in Gaza, then Hamas would be motivated to be responsible and abandon its stated goal of destroying Israel. The Concept.

This was "The Concept" that gained popularity on the Israeli Left, the Center, and the moderate Right. From Labor and Meretz to Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz and Netanyahu's Likud, this became the dominant "Concept."

As people are wont to do, everyone in Israel now says "Hey, it wasn't my concept." So they all are blaming Netanyahu for October 7. The latest polls show his opponent, Benny Gantz, is favored over him by 48-28 percent, and that Likud's coalition, which now has 64 of 120 Knesset seats, would fall to 43 seats if elections were held today. That would be a political catastrophe for Likud and would leave Netanyahu's legacy in tatters. Just as Israelis (unlike American Jews, who have no idea what goes on) now look upon Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan as colossal historical failures because of their blunders pertaining to the Yom Kippur War (and Dayan's nervous breakdown), Netanyahu now faces the same harsh judgment of history. Overnight, he has fallen from the acclaimed longest-ever-serving Prime Minister, the beloved and adored electoral Wiz and Magician who could not be beaten, the visionary who changed Israel from failed socialism to booming capitalism and built Israel as "The Start-Up Nation" -- all while securing the peace for a generation . . . to a failed loser.

Bibi always has lived with an outsized focus on his place in the public mind and in history. He has been beyond-great in many ways, but he always has been known universally as a narcissist and hedonist, as revealed for example by his efforts to have a friend gift him with enormous amounts of expensive champagne and cigars. It just is. I actually have backed him, pretty-much consistently over the years, as the best leader Israel reasonably could hope for. His narcissism and hedonism just are. My unhappy reason for recounting these less sterling traits here is to explain why I believe, contrary to many "expert" and "experienced" Israeli observers, that Netanyahu will not agree to a ceasefire until he crushes Hamas. This time, for the first time, he will not agree to a real extended pause.  He of course will not want to harm bystanders, but nothing will stop him until he can go back to the voters of Israel and say "Don't compare me to Golda and Dayan. They lost the Yom Kippur War , cost 3,000 sacrifices, and lost the peace. Not me. OK, maybe I blew it a little and did oversee tactical mistakes, but I blame my advisors for misleading me. And once I saw how wrong they were, after October 7, I took over and made things right and crushed Hamas. Gaza is quiet, and it will remain quiet for the rest of your lives."

And then it will be up to the voters and historians to decide his legacy. But I don;t believe he will stop before then.

So I expect this war to continue for at least six months, probably 8-12 months. That means the IDF soon will be fighting in the middle of the winter when the region gets frosty cold and rainy.

So what is the latest news you have not been hearing? Here goes:

1. As noted, there are 40,000 Hamas terrorists living underground like rats in the tunnels. They get their food, water, and ventilation by seizing it from the "humanitarian aid" given to Gaza hospitals. The IDF, as of today, has killed 9,525 Hamas terrorists. They have bombed and otherwise attacked 22,016 structures during the course of 11,008 attacks in Gaza. They have wounded 21,543.

2. The Biden Administration is reportedly calling for a "humanitarian pause." I do not believe Israel will agree, as I discussed above. The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted for a "humanitarian pause." Israel has ignored it. Israel's UN ambassador, Gil Erdan, responded to the UN vote by wearing a Holocaust yellow star:

Some Israelis got that he was conveying that the world once again was consigning Jews to the ovens. Other Israelis were offended, seeing that as a nationwide image of weakness.   See above for why I don't believe Netanyahu will dare pause until Israel crushes Hamas. Any pause simply gives them time to regroup, plan new strategies, build new weapons, fix bombed tunnels, and reassign terrorists.

3. Israel has shown the entire Middle Eastern press corps a 43-minute film of all the things Hamas did on October 7. The film contains 43 minutes no one else has seen. All reports are that it is so shocking that many of the foreign press had to leave at certain points because they could not watch any more of it.  Some vomited. The film was shown today to Knesset members. Several had to leave. Two had to be medicated for panic attacks by doctors on call for that purpose. Descriptions are what we have heard about, but have not actually seen: They cut open pregnant women while still alive, tore out the fetuses, stabbed or set the fetuses on fire, and then stabbed or burned the mothers. They raped women on the bodies of other women. They likewise raped dead women. They filmed all this. They beheaded people. In one case, an Arab without a knife or sword used a shovel for many minutes to behead a dead worker from the Philippines. Other heavy equipment was used to cut off heads when they had no knives. It was a conscious thing to cut off as many heads as possible and to film it. They are ISIS. They are not humans but animals. There is no basis ever for coming to terms with them.

4. So far, 331 Israeli soldiers have fallen in battle. Together with the 1400 civilians murdered by the 3,000 Arabs who entered on October 7, more than 1,700 Israelis have died so far. The number will exceed 2,000 and this becomes the biggest catastrophe since 3,000 fell in the Yom Kippur war.

5. Unlike in America and other countries, Israel is unique in that each and every person who falls generates national mourning and a nationwide grieving experience. This link reflects how the Israeli media devote space to each who has fallen: Each one's face appears each night on the nightly news, and each one's story is told. America is nothing like this. I was watching the Channel 14 news. It was extraordinary, watching them devote several minutes of the nightly news to show each fallen soldier's face and for the two news anchors alternately to read the respective soldier's names, their age, and their city. See this link at 10:56

6. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has supplied 4,100 flak jackets, 500 first-responder kits, and 30 mobile shelters. These are mostly American Christian donors.

7. I was at DMV yesterday to renew my driver's license. (I passed the written test!) While waiting on line for them to take an awful photo of me -- a requirement of DMV cinematography -- a woman behind me saw my kipah and said to me: "G-d bless you and G-d bless Israel. I pray for your people every day, and our entire church is praying for Israel." And, yes, Israel are my people. Anyone who says he is "only" an "anti-Zionist" but not an anti-Semite can -- and eventually will -- go to Hell.

8. Israel has killed dozens of leading Hamas commanders. Today they killed an Arab named Muhammad A'sar, the head of Hamas Anti-Tank operations. They have killed several high-value targets. In some cases, to kill them while they were hiding out in high-rise residential apartment buildings, Israel has taken down the whole buildings. There was much news from the Left and mainstream media about how Israel just bombed the living daylights out of a "Palestinian" "refugee" camp in Gaza. There are photos of a huge crater reminiscent of Petersburg during the American civil war. The reports never mention that leading Hamas commanders were hiding out there, basing operations there, and that the bombings were as targeted as possible to harm as few as possible Hamas human shields.

9. Some of you may recall that the Mossad set up a special team that successfully killed each and every impossible-to-reach Arab who was behind the Munich Olympic Games massacre of eleven Israeli athletes in 1972. Reports today are that the Mossad now is setting up a similar team that will hunt down and kill every Hamas leader, no matter where in the world he now is hiding, no matter how many years it takes to neutralize him. 

10. Israel's newspapers regularly are publishing the 240 faces, names, and stories of each person kidnaped by Hamas.

11. Yesterday (Tuesday), IAF jets eliminated Ibrahim Biari, the Commander of Hamas's Central Jabaliya Battalion. Biari was one of the leaders responsible for sending terrorist operatives from the "Nukhba" force to Israel to carry out the murderous terror attack on October 7th. Many other Hamas terrorists were caught in the strike.

12. In England, tomorrow morning's issue of The Sun will have a front page of 32 children kidnaped by Hamas, and the paper will feature their stories.

For more, see here:

13. In Europe, anti-Semitism in the wake of the war now has gotten so bad that a guy invented a cover for front-door mezuzahs that looks like it's an electronic device, like a high-tech front-door security camera with a flashing red light, so people won't know that the people living in the house are Jewish.

14. We have been donating to United Hatzalah, who are on the front line of attacks, racing to the scene as Israel's premier medical emergency ambulance service. Here are two minutes of Eli Be'er, the founder of United Hatzalah, describing what his people have been encountering at the scenes.  They found so many babies beheaded in one terror site that his men had great difficulty identifying which head belonged to which baby torso. He, the head of United Hatzalah, describes having gone into a crying depression for five days. In other cases, they found babies placed in kitchen ovens and baked alive.

15. The entire Jewish student community of Cornell University went into hiding when a single tweet showed up on X (Twitter) with someone saying he would come to slit Jewish throats, rape Jewish women, etc. The Cornell kosher dining facility closed down. Today the police announced they arrested some mental case, who had been contemplating suicide and also hates Jews. End of story.

I wish, instead of their hiding, the Jews had announced they would be coming to that cafeteria, 100-strong, with bicycle chains, sink pipes, baseball bats, and -- if legal in Ithaca, with legally registered firearms -- inviting the social-media posting person to come to the cafeteria for a good old-fashioned campus dialogue. (1) He would not have shown up. (2) The University President would have taken action. (3) No threat ever again would be made to Jews at Cornell.

(I love being rav at a shul where I can speak truths safely.)

16. The prayer for the IDF: 
Ross Nichols (English):
Chazan Chaim Freund:

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The Brooklyn College Black-Jewish Jukebox Riot of 1970 Today’s Jewish students need to take some notes. DOV FISCHER


The Brooklyn College Black-Jewish
Jukebox Riot of 1970

Today’s Jewish students need to take some notes.

October 31, 2023, 11:15 PM

You will not be saved by General Motors or the pre-fabricated house.
You will not be saved by dialectic materialism or the Lambeth Conference.
You will not be saved by Vitamin D or the expanding universe.
In fact, you will not be saved.

— Stephen Vincent Benét, “Nightmare with Angels,” 1935


I still am thinking of all the whining cowardly Jewish students at America’s elite private colleges, belly-aching: “Mommy, the Arab and Muslim foreign students here and the non-Jewish ‘Jewish’ woke progressive apostates on campus don’t like me. They are chanting Israel has no right to exist. They say Hamas rape is good rape, liberation rape. I am scared.”


READ MORE from Dov Fischer: Jewish College Students: Stop Whining and Grow Some!

As I wrote in my prior column, with words that apparently touched a nerve among thousands of readers, I am disgusted with revulsion at these wimps and wusses who do not have the pride and self-respect that my generation had when we attended Columbia University in the 1970s. Toward that end, I share a memory from 1970s Brooklyn, New York.

I am a New Yorker from Brooklyn. I'm talking Kings Highway & Avenue J. When G-d told Abram to go forth from (i) his land, (ii) his place of birth, and (iii) his family home (Genesis 12:1), I relate to why three separate injunctions were needed. If I were to leave the land where my fathers died, my blessed America, I would feel the loss meaningfully. I love America. I love its Constitution that protects my right to worship and believe as I choose. I love the values at the core of this kindest of all lands: how we are first to help others at times of their tragedies, whether devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, or visits by Kamala Harris.

I love English. O how I love the language of this land, its possibilities and broad vocabulary choices, imported from both Romantic and Anglo-Saxon roots, and opportunities for loving word play. I love our patriotic songs and country music that gets to the soul of America. I don’t know what the singers of the band Alabama think about Jews or whether they ever saw one, but I love their songs of values, like their honoring America’s otherwise-unsung workers who do their part every day to keep America running and then send it on down the line. 

(READ MORE from Dov Fischer: Bigotry in Motion: The Frenzied Woke Attacks on Jason Aldean)


Even as I love (i) my land, America, I particularly love (ii) the place of my birth, the Brooklyn of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. How did Neil Diamond put it? 

          Well, I'm New York City born-and-raised.
          But nowadays, I'm lost between two shores.
          LA's fine, but it ain't home. 
          New York’s home, but it ain’t mine no more.

I love the way we tawked. You got a problem widdat? I still love the Brooklyn of my memories. What a tragedy! That which was, no longer is and will not be again.

The city of New York had and has its own college system, CUNY. Not only were there world-class private colleges in New York like Columbia and NYU, and excellent state colleges like New Paltz, Hofstra, Binghamton, and Stony Brook, but New York City had CUNY, the City University of New York. These municipal colleges all were tuition-free, and you had to have high SAT scores to get in. Some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs and writers were first-generation children of Jewish immigrants who attended Upper Manhattan’s CUNY outlet, CCNY, the City College of New York. If tuition were not free, they could not have attended college. If the standards were not exceptionally high -- as they were until John Loindsay and now DEI have ruined it -- they could not have become CCNY alumni:  Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann, Henry Kissinger, Tony Curtis, Colin Powell, Stanley Kubrick, Barry Manilow, Judd Hirsch, Henry Miller, Sheldon Adelson, Edward G. Robinson, Jonas Salk, Upton Sinclair, Ed Koch, Hal Linden, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Jackie Mason, Bernard Baruch, Ira Gershwin, Kenneth Arrow, A. Philip Randolph, Felix Frankfurter, Paddy Chayefsky, Daniel Bell, Irving Kristol, Red Holzman, Marvin Kalb, and Irving Howe.


Tony Curtis

There was Queens College, chock full of more brilliant kids with high SAT scores who got an excellent education without needing to pay a dime of tuition. And there was Brooklyn College, perhaps the gem of the entire system in the 1960s and ’70s, again full of genius kids with 1600 SAT scores getting a freebie.

John Lindsay, the left-wing mayor of the late 1960s who destroyed New York City as Obama later would destroy America, ruined the CUNY system. He imposed “open admissions”: no more standards. Rather, every single New Yorker, no matter how unqualified for college, is guaranteed automatic admission to the free education. As a result, most CUNY colleges, except for Queens and Hunter and a few others, went down the toilet. My generation was the last who got an outstanding education at Brooklyn College.





It was 1970. Every culture has its music, and so do American Jews and so do Israelis. The most popular Jewish and Israeli song that year was “Bashana Haba’ah” (“In Next Year”). Here is a version sung by the choir of Bob Jones University. Yes, Bob Jones singing Israeli Hebrew. Here is Northwest Girlchoir. Fort Worden Festival. And here the classic Israel version, with English titles. I am sharing many versions to convey that this was a huge song in its time and has become world famous, sung even by non-Jewish choirs throughout the world. It was not “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”


It was 1970. The Jewish student group on campus brought a guest speaker, Rabbi Meir Kahane of blessed memory. Rav Kahane spoke that day about Judaism and Jewish pride. At the end, he took questions from the floor. One stood out. It was from a girl, Jewish, shaking, teary-eyed, crying. “Rabbi Kahane, you are here talking about being Jewish, but I am scared here. There is a jukebox in the campus cafeteria, and it has only one Jewish song in it, ‘Bashanah Haba’ah.’ We were playing the song the other day, and a bunch of Black students slammed the jukebox and told us we are not allowed to play that ‘Jew song’ anymore, or they will beat up anyone who tries to play that song. I am scared and frightened.”

Rabbi Kahane asked members of his audience to please raise their hands if they knew this incident to be true and if they also were scared by this. In his audience of 200 students, some 100–150 hands were raised.

The rav next asked: “How many students would you say composed the goons who said not to play the song again?”

The response from the questioner was: “It was scary. It was like 10 of them.”

Rabbi Kahane said: “Maybe these Black students don’t like the particular version of the song in the jukebox. Why don’t we show our understanding for these goons and all go down to the cafeteria right now and give them a live performance — all of you, especially those who can’t sing.”


He then led 100 of those students into the cafeteria, and they started singing the song. The 10 Black students told them to shut up. The Jews sang louder. The Black students started throwing chairs at the Jews. The 100 Jews were afraid and scared of the 10 goons.

Rabbi Kahane said: “Show some brotherhood. Some people dance to music. If their cultural preference to music is chair throwing, then let’s throw chairs back at them. And if you run out of chairs, throw tables.”

It turned into a wild melee. Made page one of the next day’s New York tabloids. And there were two results:

  1. Rabbi Kahane was banned from the campus by the school administration.
  2. No Black student ever again told a Jew not to play that song.

I think back to 1950s-1970s Brooklyn when all Jews were authentically Jewish and supported Israel. The difference today is that 40 percent of people who now say they are “Jews” are not Jews, and some 90 percent of “Jews” who march with Arabs for Hamas nowadays and say, “Not in Our Name,” in fact are not born of Jewish mothers and thus are not Jews.

In those days, New York college Jews threw chairs back at Nazis who threw chairs at them. Color did not matter. That rabbi taught Jews to buy guns, promoting the slogan “Every Jew a .22” (He told the New York Times, “I preferred a slogan of ‘Every Jew an M-1,’ but it didn’t rhyme.”)

And then I watch the moaning, kvetching, whining, scared, frightened, privileged campus Jews of today who are politically and socially paralyzed because a dozen or a hundred Arab and Muslim foreign students who don’t even belong here in our country are chanting, “Death to Israel,” and endorsing Hamas rape. Penetrate a woman’s genitals for freedom. Ejaculate in her to free Palestine. #GoodRapeMeToo.

They disgust me. Not the Arab Muslim Hamas supporters. I expect that of them. Genesis 16:12. Not the fake “Jews” who are not born of Jewish mothers and, hence, are not Jews by definition but march for the fraud of "Palestine." But the actual Jews who were reared by liberal parents in the privileged exurbs to believe that the way to the world’s heart is by being victims. That is the failed message of Holocaust education and endless Holocaust museums: “Look at what the Nazis and all of Europe did to us. You should feel bad for us and, therefore, love us because we were victims, too.”

No one cares. No one cared then when the world knew what Hitler was doing, yet barely lifted a finger. That is my contribution to Holocaust educationNo One Cares. People have their own problems. How many millions did Pol Pot murder? No one cares. Or how Stalin starved out millions of Ukrainians? No one cares. Or what Putin is doing today? No one cares. Or what Mao did? No one cares. People have their own problems: paying for food in the Biden years, watching the gas pump approach $6 a gallon, getting baby formula, seeing their blue-state cities now overrun, too, by Illegals. They care more about Buttigieg’s train wrecks in Palestine, Ohio, than the fake “Palestine” in Judea and Samaria that Israel one day will liberate so that, from the river to the sea, Yisrael will be free.

If Arabs and Muslims at Cornell in Ithaca now are threatening to beat up Jews who go to eat in the campus kosher cafeteria, don’t look to the university president or provost for protection. Don’t look to Biden or Deborah Lipstadt, his useless joke of an adviser on anti-Semitism. Just bring some chairs on the way to lunch. Metal folding chairs are best for the purpose. And sing a Hebrew song live for them. Any song will do.



Rabbi Fischer’s two memorial programs and prayer services for Israel in the face of the Hamas–Gaza massacre may be found on YouTube here and hereBecause they contain video and photos taken by Hamas at the massacre, YouTube is restricting viewing of the service exclusively to individuals over 18. What they lack in production values, they make up for in heart and soul.

Monday, October 30, 2023

Jewish College Students: Stop Whining and Grow Some! You have to save yourselves, for G-d’s sake! DOV FISCHER


Jewish College Students:
Stop Whining and Grow Some!

You have to save yourselves, for G-d’s sake!

October 29, 2023, 10:35 PM

I told it to my four-year-old kids, then when they were seven and nine and fourteen and eighteen and twenty-plus. It was a mantra that my Dad, of blessed memory, told me: “Life is not a bowl of cherries. So stop whining!”

Stop whining, O Jewish college students of America. Stop your incessant whining. Your complaining and kvetching. Stop whining. (READ MORE from Dov Fischer: Biden Loves Israel to Death)

You were reared by rich, comfortable, Long Island and Westchester liberals to be liberals and woke. They had abandoned the Judaism of their parents and grandparents, and now had nothing Judaic to offer you. You attended reform temples where you learned nothing Judaic of substance. You learned no Rashi, no Talmud, no Rambam. All you know is that, by happenstance, you were born Jewish just as others, by happenstance, are born left-handed.

Stop marching to the showers like lambs. This is not Auschwitz; it’s Harvard Yard.

The mainstream Orthodox Jews among your generation, the students of Torah and Mishneh and Halakha (Judaic law), have gone to other colleges and advanced yeshivas where Jew-haters do not hold court. But you, the children of the liberals who advanced to be progressive and woke, chose Harvard and Columbia and University of Pennsylvania in an era when all your professors are either woke Jews or non-Jews. They all hate Israel. They all hate observant Jews. Everyone knows this.

FoolsThere is no room for Jews in DEI — Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Even as White Supremacists on the Crazy Right say Jews are not White, the reality is, O Jews, you are not Black. You are not Hispanic, even those of you born and reared in Latin and South America, because you are Jews.

You are not Asian. You are Jews. You are not from India, O Jews, like Kamala and Ramaswamy. Even if you win a thousand national spelling bees, you will not ever be of India, O Jews. You do not fit in. You are not Native American, O Jews. Not even in the case of the Jewish mother who goes searching for her long-lost son and finds him in an Indian reservation. She finds he is happy. “Marvin, what are you doing here?” she asks. “Mom, I became an Indian. This is my bride, Floating Feather. This is her father, Flying Eagle. This is her mother, Running Lamb.” The father-in-law extends his hand to Marvin’s mother and asks: “Am much pleased to meet you, and what is your name?” She responds: “Sitting Shiva.”

You don’t fit in with DEI, O foolish left-wing college Jews. Not Black. Not Puerto Rican. Not American Indian. Not Spelling Bee Indian. Not Asian. And G-d knows not Arab Muslim. None of the DEI Chosen People. Even the homosexuals among you do not fit in. One after another LMNOPQ association has voted its endorsement of Hamas-ISIS, the Arab Muslims who throw gay Arabs off rooftops. None of them wants you.


At your parents’ behest, you ran from your roots, foolish liberal Jews, fleeing the anti-Semitism you feared would come from the right because anti-Semitism so often indeed comes from the extreme right. You thought, having abandoned your G-d and His Torah, that you would find succor among the left and the progressives and the Woke because they care about everyone. They care about the climate and the homeless, everyone. So you all became variations on George Soros and Bernie Sanders and Ben & Jerry — fleeing your heritage. “Yeah, I’m Jewish. But not really. I eat pork. I vote for Bernie. The Squad speaks for me. I’m for Palestine. I am woke. I oppose climate change. I fit in here at Harvard / Yale / U. of Penn / Columbia.”

No, you don’t. You never did. You never will. You know that Greta Thunberg? Guess what, O liberal progressive woke Ivy League Jews? That little snot also supports Hamas-ISIS.

No one respects people who deny who they areIt never works. You should learn about the Soviet Union, a hell that existed once upon a time, and now is dead as a doorknob. Many foolish apostate Jews — people like you — thought that was their ticket to fleeing the endless murderous Tsarist pogroms. So these Jews — like Lev Kamenev, Grigory Zinoviev, Karl Radek, and Leon Trotsky — embraced Communism. (READ MORE: Israel’s Ground Incursion Won’t Look Pretty, but Let It Be)

You know what happened to them, O Jews of Harvard and Columbia? The first three were arrested, forced to sign confessions after weeks of being kept sleepless, then were put on trial in the middle of the night with their signed confessions read, and then were shot in rooms that had shower heads to quickly wash their blood down the drain, one by one. Trotsky hid in Mexico, so Stalin sent someone to slam a hatchet into his head. Trotsky was axed from the Communist party.


So stop whining. “Mommy, they hate us! Arab Muslims and all our friends are turning on us! They are cheering for the Hamas-ISIS butchers who slaughtered peace activists.” Hamas began by slaughtering 270 peace activists, butchering and raping and beheading peace activists at an all-night Trance Rave music festival, while more authentically committed Jews in Israel were in synagogue observing Shabbat and Shmini Atzeret. “Mommy, the Hamas-ISIS terrorists slaughtered families, murdered children, as many as 40 babies in a kibbutz, then cut off their baby heads, set their baby corpses on fire, burned others, cut off limbs, then photo’d and video’d all of it, as the Nazis had documented their atrocities. And all the students here support that, Mommy. And, Mommy, now they are chanting ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Must Be Free’ — meaning no more Israel because Israel is the only thing that stands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.”

“Mommy, I’m scared. I don’t feel safe here. Mommy, I don’t know what to do. You always taught me that, as liberals, we can count on people feeling sorry for us. You taught us to worship the victims. You taught us victimology. The only thing Jewish you ever taught us about was not the Torah but the Holocaust. But how come no one here is standing with us as the victims, Mommy?”

Stop your damn whining, O coddled and over-protected Ivy League Jews! Grow up. Instead of being Woke, the real world invites you to awake.


The campuses now are flooded with Arab Muslims imported as full-tuition-paying exchange students from foreign lands that hate and despise America, the countries that blew up the World Trade Center or cheered it. They dominate the Middle Eastern Studies departments because the Saudis and their ilk put up the money to fund them. The few Jews who teach in Middle Eastern or even “Jewish Studies” must prove they are anti-Israel to get tenure. The anti-Israel petitions are filled with Jewish signers, all professors of Middle Eastern and Jewish Studies. Hate for Israel is their ticket to tenure.

The Left distinguishes between bad rape and good rape. Hamas-ISIS is good Woke rape. Rape women who want peace. #MeToo.

I went to Columbia University a bit ago. Not only did I attend, but I got the undergraduate student body to elect me to represent the entire college in the University Senate from 1974-1976. Look it up. I, a politically hard-conservative Orthodox Jew with yarmulka and tzitzit, was the elected representative of all Columbia College students. You know how I did it? By being a proud Jew. I was known on campus. No one dared mess with me as I led Jews on campus to make Jewish demands. At the time, Pepsi was dealing only with Arab countries, and essentially boycotting Israel, while they also were dealing with the Soviet Union that persecuted Jews and would not let them leave. At the time, Coca Cola famously was marketing in Israel. So we demanded that Columbia end its contract with Pepsi and replace them with Coke. We won.


We demanded days off for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur — and we got it. We demanded that Columbia end all academic exchange programs with the Soviets until Prof. Vitali Rubin, some Jew who taught Chinese, was freed from the USSR. Columbia responded that they are not going to end an entire academic exchange program just for one Jew. So things happened on campus and Columbia ended its exchange program with the Russians. A year later Vitali Rubin was in Israel, and we allowed the exchange program to resume.

So stop your despicable whining. You are a disgrace and a shame to Jews like my friends and me who, for two thousand years, never had life as good and as privileged as you have it. They were getting butchered in Kishinev,  Kiev, and Odessa in their meager hamlets. They were burned at the stake during the Inquisition. The Crusaders broke into their homes and treated them as Hamas-ISIS does. And you are whining that 32 Muslim and Indonesian and Pakistani and Black Student groups sign a statement hating Israel and loving Hamas-ISIS? That is what they are.



Grow up. They cheer the subhumans who cut off limbs, beheaded, and burned even children and babies. The Left distinguishes between bad rape and good rape. Hamas-ISIS is good Woke rape. Rape women who want peace. #MeToo.

So, O Jews of campuses, stop whining. If they chant “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!” then gather a hundred of you and chant “From the River to the Sea, Yis-Ra-El Will Be Free!” If they chant for a “Palestine” that is a fraud because there are no “Palestinians.” But then you chant for Israel. Chant for Israel. And really get them angry by singing “G-d Bless America.” (READ MORE: Patiently Waiting for Israel’s Ground Invasion to Crush Hamas)



As Woke leftists, you have been taught to whine, to seek safe spaces, to cringe at microaggressions. But whining will do no good. It never does. Get out there and affirm you are Jews. Affirm Israel’s right to live, even if it must kill 100,000 Gazans as collateral damage to exterminating Hamas-ISIS. Accept that the DEI Woke have no room for you.

Stop waiting to be saved by off-campus organizations. You have to save yourselves, for G-d’s sakes! Christians will respect you for it. Many will join you. You don’t have to let a handful of foreign students — who do not even belong in America — along with a bunch of Jewish self-hating apostates, beat you down. There are more of you than them. Stop marching to the showers like lambs. This is not Auschwitz; it’s Harvard Yard.

Stop whining. Fight back.