Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Saudi op-ed reiterates how evil Jews are

Perhaps stung by the fact that Saudi Arabia and Israel have been on the same side in many regional conflicts, the official Saudi news agency Okaz published an op-ed to ensure that Saudi readers will never think warmly of Jews.

Written by Abdullah al-Sultan, the article touches on many of the classic manifestations of Arab and Muslim antisemitism, the bigotry that no "human rights" group wants to admit exists.

Some lowlights from the article:

  • After World War II, the Jewish-controlled media started concentrating on making Arabs and Islam look bad.
  • "Much of the culture of mutilation practiced by Jews against Arabs comes through movies, books, newspapers, magazines and entertainment programs on satellite channels."
  • Jews ruthlessly used 9/11 to incite the West against Muslims.
  • Israel publishes false copies of the Kora n to make it look evil and bigoted.
  • Jews love to kill others and to seize their property and possessions and honor, not to mention how they are the killers of prophets.
  • Jews are known for breaking their covenants and conventions.
  • As the Koran says, Jews are in the forefront of treachery, fraud and extortion.
  • Jews make themselves look moral, but Judaism allows them to cheat and steal and kill with complete impunity.
  • This is because they think they are God's chosen people, and this makes them feel greatness and superiority over others.
  • In conclusion, while the Jews were able to outwit the world for a while, they will not be able to continue to do so forever.

Articles like this never have any negative repercussions. There are never any outraged letters to the editor or comments and the articles are never considered controversial in the mainstream Arabic press. When anything remotely anti-Muslim is written in Israeli newspapers there are instant condemnations from all quarters and anguished responses written to distance the responderfrom the noxious article - but in the Arab world, virulently antisemitic articles written for state media doesn't cause the slightest consternation.

In fact, if you want to make Arabs sit up and notice an article, write one that is complimentary to Jews and Judaism - and watch the outrage that results.

This simple test shows the huge difference in morality between the Arab world and Israel. In one side, hate is encouraged and co-existence is derided, and the other side is the exact opposite. But pointing out that self-evident fact is not something that the media or human rights groups are comfortable with.

So they pretend it isn't there.