Thursday, September 4, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: U of Calgary still requiring textbook that pushes anti-Israel lies and excuses for Bin Laden

In January, I reported about a textbook, called "Culture of Prejudice: Arguments in Critical Social Science," that was being used at the University of Calgary. The textbook was filled with anti-Israel distortions and even (false) excuses for Osama Bin Laden's terrorism. 

The book claimed to be prompting readers to think critically - while feeding them lies meant to brainwash them! 

In March, protesting organizations in Calgary were informed that the book would be removed from the shelves for the coming school year.

Well, that isn't true.

This photo was taken Wednesday at the UC bookstore:

The yellow card says:

It is a required textbook for Sociology 205, Canadian Society, taught by Annette Tézli. This is the same course and same teacher that used the book last year.

I found a half dozen lies in a single paragraph of this book.

Here is a paragraph where the book describes the mass murder of thousands of Palestinian Arabs by Jordan's King Hussein as ultimately being Israel's fault:

So Jordan can be excused for annexing the "Jordanian" West Bank, King Hussein can be excused for mass murder, but the only real crimes are Israel's. Arabs are ultimately not responsible for their actions, according to the esteemed sociologists who wrote this book - and who teach with it.

The book attacks fundamentalist Christians and Jews - but not a word about fundamentalist Muslims. 

This isn't critical thinking. It is propaganda.

As I asked at the time:

How many hundreds of distortions and lies are in this book being given to clueless university students? How can universities allow books that don't have a modicum of fact-checking? Why are the authors not today despised and blacklisted in the world of academia for their horrendous use of lies to push their own political agendas under the cover of "fighting prejudice"?

Isn't using lies to demonize an entire people the very definition of "prejudice"?
Truth seems to be optional at this university.

If the University of Calgary had promised to take this textbook off the shelves and yet it remains a requirement for the same course now, then we can add another lie to the list.