Friday, October 31, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: So where are the Rachel Corries for Egypt?

From AFP:
Egypt began setting up a buffer zone along its border with the Gaza Strip on Wednesday following a wave of deadly attacks.

The move, which will see about 800 homes demolished, comes in the wake of a suicide bombing in the Sinai Peninsula Friday that killed at least 30 soldiers.
800 homes demolished in the next few days? Israel has never demolished so many in so little time. 

Yet over the years there have been numerous NGOs and reports about Israel's home demolitions - and no one cares about Egypt's. There are no groups popping up where young idealistic moronic college students volunteer to act as human shields to protect these homes.

Indeed, no one cares about Egypt's demolishing homes for security purposes. 

Egypt is offering compensation, not that owners have much choice:
North Sinai Governor Abdel Fattah Harhour said that 802 houses on the border were evacuated, adding that 65 percent of the residents agreed to leave in return for material compensation and 29 percent in return for alternative land plots in the Medicinal Plants area in Rafah, while the rest will be given social housing units.

“Each family will be given LE300 to rent other places for a temporary period of three months,” he said, adding that they would also be compensated with LE1,200 per square meter for concrete buildings, LE700 per square meter for buildings bearing walls and LE100 per square meter of the land on which those buildings were erected.

“But 78 buildings will not be compensated because they have tunnels concealed underneath them,” he said.
Here we now are given statistics for acceptable collective punishment when Egypt does it. Less than 10% of the homes being demolished were used for tunnel activities, and over 90% have to pay!

Then again, Egypt is also punishing 1.7 million Gazans for the terror activities of only a few thousand. SO perhaps that's the acceptable figure for these sorts of calculations.

Has there ever been a nation in history judged by as many double standards as Israel?