Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Disgusting video characterizes Abu Khdeir murder as a Jewish blood ritual

A new Palestinian Arab cartoon video from "The Jerusalem Foundation"  says that Jews killed Mohammed Abu Khdair last summer as part of a religious Jewish ritual.

As it shows an image of Jews with hats and peyot dancing around the burning body of Abu Khdeir, the narrator says "The murderers celebrated their Talmudic rituals, seeing the child's burning to death."

The murderers of Abu Khdeir were not religious Jews by any stretch..

This is yet another Arab blood libel, and it is clearly being brought up now as more and more Arabs are trying to incite a religious war against Jews.

What will it take for the West, and human rights groups in particular, to clearly condemn this explicit incitement against Jews? Human Rights Watch and Amnesty both pretend to be against antisemitism and against incitement to violence - but they refuse to say a word against Arab and Muslim incitement to kill Jews.

It isn't as if this is a theoretical problem - Jews are being killed, now, because of this incitement that can be seen every day in Arabic language news and social media. The recent attacks are a direct result of this new wave of anti-Jewish incitement.

The silence of these groups is damning, and it shows beyond any doubt that their interest in human rights does not extend to Israeli Jews.

(h/t Mako via Bob Knot)