Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Photos of IDF Training That Will Leave You Speechless

The latest exercises in the IDF have been intense, challenging and unique. These 10 amazing pictures – captured through hours of hard work and dedication – simulate many different scenarios and will leave you breathless.

1. Brothers in Arms, Sisters in Arms

The soldiers of the Caracal Battalion train to defend the Israel-Egypt border. Caracal is a co-ed combat battalion in which men and women fight side by side.

2. Striking View

The Golan Heights, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, overlooks two of Israel’s borders. Though the view is stunning, our soldiers are focused on their mission.

3. Not Afraid of the Dark

Imagine this: night falls and then, just like in the movies, everything begins to go wrong. Buildings collapse, people panic and darkness makes it difficult to find a solution. This is when the Combat Search and Rescue Brigade comes into the picture and saves the day.

4. When the Front is Home

Urban territory is one of the most complex terrains a soldier can fight in. The Home Front Command simulated a scenario in which terrorists attack a city, in a base designed just like a city.

5. Alert: Don’t Look Down!

The IDF has a wide net of experts. These soldiers were trained to become the official instructors of the IDF’s elite climbing, snapling and rescuing units, using unusual and sophisticated techniques.

6. The Druze Battalion Reveals Itself

The Herev Battalion is different from any other IDF unit. The reason? It’s composed entirely of Israeli Druze soldiers who train in the north in order to defend their own towns and villages.

7. Ahoy! IDF Sailors Guard the Mediterranean

Those serving in the navy defend one of Israel’s most extensive borders: the sea. The soldiers of the “Dvora” ships learn to patrol Israel’s waters and ensure the country’s safety.

8. Steady, Aim, Fire!

Women from the Combat Intelligence Corps train in the Negev Desert in southern Israel. These female-fighters represent true gender equality.

9. Mission Impossible

In the first moments, it looks like a dangerous action scene from a movie: using advanced equipment, scaling walls and facing terrorists while rescuing hostages. This is the training of the Elite Counter Terrorism Unit.

10. Givati Finds True North

The enemy is constantly evolving, especially on the Syrian border. The soldiers of the Givati Brigade train so they will know exactly how to face any challenge when the time comes.