Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rudy Giuliani is absolutely right about Barack Obama

In fact, in his statement about the President Giuliani took the words right out of my mouth. In my letter about achievements of the Freedom Center I sent you last December I wrote: "Let me be frank. I believe that Barack Obama is the first and only president we've ever had who doesn't love our country." 

Giuliani has taken a lot of heat for his comments about Obama's alienation from America, just as I did a couple of months ago. 

But it's true.

If Obama loved our country he wouldn't have sat approvingly in his pew as Jeremiah Wright who shouted "God damn America" from his pulpit; or hung out with Billy Ayers whose Weathermen tried to bomb the U.S. back into the stone age. 

This President has never even made a pretense about loving the America that actually exists, with all its glorious complexity, as a beacon of freedom and a land of promise. He can wax poetical about the beauty of the Muslim morning call to prayer, but he would never allow himself to express patriotic support for the United States or affirm its exceptional status among the nations of the world. 

The America Obama loves is the America he and his liberal allies plan to make by the "radical transformation" he has been promising since he was first elected. This transformed America -- cut down to size, punished for its historical arrogance, stripped of its enterprise and eloquence and made into an anthill of leftism-is his shabby parody of the shining city on the hill. 

The best sign that Obama does not love America is his unwillingness to say the name of the enemy that wants to destroy us-Islamic extremism... 

...He cannot bring himself to utter these words, which makes us vulnerable to those would want to cut off our heads and burn us alive. Beginning with his infamous Cairo speech, which gave credence to Muslim grievances against us, this president has methodically downplayed the threat of Islamism and refused to tell the truths that are vital to our national survival. 

Instead the reality check we need to carry the fight to our enemy, we get the Orwellian verbiage of denial and moral relativism. Don't get too uppity about ISIS, Obama told the recent National Prayer Breakfast, because people also "committed horrible deeds in the name of Christ." Don't call the 21 Copts beheaded by ISIS what they were (and why they were killed)-Christians, but instead refer to them only as "Egyptian citizens." Insist that Abdal Hissan, the Fort Hood killer, was driven by "workplace violence" rather than Islamic radicalism. Say that the Jews killed in the Paris deli were victims of "random violence" rather than genocidal hatred. Stage a three day conference on "violent extremism" and mention Islam only to decry the "Islamophobia" allegedly infecting our country today. 

There is a pattern here. 

It is a pattern created by someone who believes that the America he inherited when he stepped into the Oval Office is worth defending only to the degree that it becomes radically different from what it has always been; someone who believes that America is guilty of so many historical crimes that it has no right to defend itself against those who would destroy it.