Sunday, April 19, 2015

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Haters fail to stop Israel-South Africa hockey game

From IOL News:
Cape Town - An international ice hockey match between South Africa and Israel at the Grand West Ice Rink was disrupted by an anti-Israel protest on Thursday night.

Cape Town activist, Bram Hanekom, a leader of the protest at the rink, said he was assaulted by security guards whom he alleged were part of the Israeli ambassador’s security detail.

However, Michael Farr, spokesman for Sun City International, denied the assault and saidprotesters threw marbles on the ice and had then been evicted.

[Hanekom] said he was certain that the security staff had a different uniform to that of the Grand West security staff and that he had heard one say over the radio that “their man was safe”. He believed this was a reference to the Israeli ambassador, who attended the match.

The Israeli embassy denied that their security had been at the venue.
The haters were proud that they managed to delay the game with marbles and red paint:
Palestinian activists, led by the NC4P, BDS South Africa, PSA, COSAS, the ANCYL and others successfully protested the Israeli Ice Hockey World Cup Game yesterday evening in Cape Town . Marbles were released on the ice as well as red colouring to reflect the blood of the thousands of Palestinians who suffer under Israel’s Apartheid government. The protests resulted in an embarassing over 45 min delay in the Israeli game.

Here is a video of Hatikvah being played before the game, with the crowd singing along.

Israel won the game, 6-3.