Friday, July 1, 2016

Standing Together IDF

Standing Together is an official non-profit organization recognized by the Israeli Knesset as well as by the IDF. Our goal is to supply and support IDF soldiers with whatever they need and wherever they might be as well as to tell the true story to what happens to Israel's troops when they are facng Islamic terror. All our activities and campaigns are in done in conjunction with and under IDF clearance. 

Standing Together's goal is to show appreciation to soldiers while offering an opportunity to people from around the world to say 'thank you' to Israel's heroes who are keeping Israel safe and who are standing guard for the entire Jewish nation. 

 Our support campaigns include everything from winter gear to special summer apparel, cmale back water carriers, personal gear items that makes the lives o f IDF soldiers just a little bit easier as they protect Israel. Standing Together also travels across Israel with our well recognized Standing Together truck and deliver everything from cold drinks, ice cream and pancakes during the summer months, BBQs, Pizzas and hot drinks during the freezing winter months to thousands of soldiers. We are now in the process of purchasing two new trucks that will be stationed in the north and south of Israel and reach 1,000 soldiers every day! 

Here are some of the latest videos from our campaigns and outings

My goal for the upcoming trip is to find sponsors for our summer campaigns which include dry-fit clothing for front line soldiers as well as 10,000 camel back water carriers and outings to 20 different elite units who will be finishing their training over the summer. We are also looking for partners who would like to sponsor the two new trucks we are purchasing and would obviously have the sponsors name or the community that takes on this important project.
We are delivering thousands of ice cream bars along with cold drinks and refreshments to the troops who are returning from operations or drills and we meet them in the field with letters from the sponsors as well. It is absolutely amazing to see the response from soldiers when they learn that people from all over the world love and support them. 

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Beyond our IDF support and 'thank you' campaigns, we at Standing Together believe in making a personal connection between Israel, the IDF and people from around the world.It is important to us that people hear the personal experiences of soldiers and hear what really happens to soldiers of the IDF when they are on duty and facing radical Islamic terrorists. With all the bad and fabricated reports that are being spread around the world, we feel our support is paramount in helping Israel's heroes protect Israel while knowing people around the world have their backs.

A bit about Ari Fuld

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Ari Fuld is the Assistant Director of the Standing Together IDF support organization. Originally from Queens NY, Ari made Aliyah and drafted into the IDF in 1992 after a year of study at Yeshivat Hakotel. For the past 21 years he has served in an Elite IDF Paratroopers unit and has beeninvolved in many of the latest IDF operations. When not in uniform, Ari is working 24 hours a day to make sure the men and women of the IDF have what they need to continue keeping Israel safe. Before joining Standing Together Ari split his time working with several Jewish educational institutions and as a marketing and business development manager at several hi-tech companies in Tel Aviv. In his free time Ari can be found running his martial arts club in Bet Shemesh or spending his time online with several Israel advocacy projects he is working on. He holds a degree in business management and marketing as well as a teacher’s degree and is a certified martial arts instructor as well as studied for rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem.
How I Met Standing Together 

In 2006 my unit spent two very difficult weeks in Lebanon and I made it home by pure miracle.My unit was ambushed by Hizbollah terrorists and several of my friends were injured and one was killed. In one of the operations several of my friends were hit by gunfire and I was ordered to get them out of the line of fire. As we were evacuating them to the safe area (20 miles in Lebanon) there were missiles, gunfire and explosions happening all around. When I finally made it back to the safe area the medic let me know that the back of my vest was full of holes and apparently I was hit. The medic pulled out a huge warped piece of iron from my vest and it turned out to be a piece of shrapnel from a rocket that blew through my vest and by miracle stopped before severing me in half.

We were fighting for two weeks straight and when we were finally given the order to come home by foot we were exhausted both physically as well as emotionally. 

When we finally crossed back over the border and several of us collapsed from total exhaustion. The Standing Together truck drove right up to the border to meet us and supplied us with everything from food to gear and hundreds of letters from sponsors around the world. There is no doubt in my mind that those words of support together with the much needed gear gave us the strength to go back in for our final tour of duty. 

Like some kind of personal "Pay It Forward", I began working  with StandingTogether to supply IDF soldiers with whatever they need, wherever they are. I know exactly what it feels like to receive support and encouragement from people around the world and I will do what I can to make sure others receive the same. 

Here are some pictures from my unit during several of our last operations
Me as I returned from a major in flight exercise 
My team before we went out on a terrorist stakeout.
​My unit before we embark on a huge land exercise

We donated 200 winter packs to the Tanks battalion stationed in the North