Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Carving Out Happiness from Tragedy

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Why do children get sick and die?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Despite whatever kinds of philosophical answers we offer, deep down we grapple with the fear of the unknown.
We see tragedy around us and try to justify that for whatever reasons, it wouldn't, its couldn't happen to us.
And on the other hand we reinforce that God loves us and that everything He does is for the best.
And then sometimes the values come crashing together, when G-d forbid the worst really does happen. What then?
For those who know people who have experienced horrific tragedy, its hard to know what to say, or where to look, or how to help.
Today, I am sharing an episode of Lift Your Legacy where I speak to a friend who went through and has lived the darkness.
His daughter passed away from cancer at 17 and half years old.
As an orthodox Jew, he grappled with faith, asked the hard questions, and lived through hell.
Out of his struggle, came a book, Grieving and Healing Through the Prism of Torah.
In addition to being a successful civil attorney in Los Angeles, my friend now has another calling; helping others, parents especially, work through tragedy.
This interview wasn't simple, but neither was the circumstances my guest found himself in.
At times, it was too hard for me to be the interviewer. I would see my own childrens' faces and have moments where I wondered how as a parent anyone could get through what he did.
But I learned a ton. In fact, in my coaching practice I use many of the lessons I learned from him.
And while this isn't uplifting or easy, it is important.
Thank you so much to Baruch C. Cohen for the time and the lessons you provide.
I hope you enjoy Episode 40: Carving Out Happiness from Tragedy on Lift Your Legacy with Rabbi Jacob Rupp. Links below.