Monday, August 11, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Deleted post from Forbes: The 20 Most Ridiculous Things People Believe About The Hamas/Israel Conflict

Jeff Ballabon published this in a Forbes blog, and then Forbes took it down. I haven't followed all the links so I don't know if one of them is problematic, but for now, here is the article that was taken down: If someone finds out why it was taken down, or one of the links points to something ridiculously offensive or wrong, let me know.)

The 20 Most Ridiculous Things People Believe About The Hamas/Israel Conflict

  1. Israel started it!;
  2. War Crime! Israel should have provided Iron Dome to Hamas!
  3. Israeli conspiracy! Hamas is innocent!
  4. It’s all an Israeli marketing campaign for Iron Dome!
  5. Hamas! Democratically elected terrorists with a heart of gold!
  6. Hamas doesn’t want to eradicate Israel; they’re just frustrated by the occupation…that, uh, ended in 2005!;;
  7. Want peace? Send Hamas more concrete now!
  8. War Crime! Israel has bomb shelters & Gaza doesn’t!;,7340,L-4550733,00.html;;
  9. It’s a “cycle of violence”…which ends if the Palestinians get more power!
  10. No human shields, here…it’s just that Gaza is, y’know, small!;
  11. Apartheid!
  12. Genocide!
  13. Hamas: fighting for freedom!
  14. PLO + Hamas “Unity Government”: bold step for peace!
  15. Just critics of Israeli policies; no anti-Semitism here!http://everydayantisemitism.tumblr.com;;
  16. There’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats on Israel!;
  17. Duh they’re good guys – Human Rights is in their name!;;
  18. But, but – UNWRA says!;
  19. If you can’t trust genocidal terrorists, who can you trust?!?;
  20. It’s the Occupation, stupid!;