Sunday, August 17, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Guess what the most serious problem in the Arab world is?

This is fun:
In an interview published Thursday by local daily Al-Akhbar, Sayyed Nasrallah said “Israel” is a cancerous tumor that needs to be eradicated, which should be the nation’s ultimate goal.

Secretary General pointed out that the most serious problem we now face, whether in Lebanon or the Arab world, is that people are now recognizing the existence of “Israel” as natural.
Nasrallah is arguably the most powerful man in Lebanon today. while he cannot drive policy, he has veto power over anything the government tries to do.

This man wants to orient the entire country to set as its ultimate goal to destroy another country. Not to improve the lives of its citizens, not to make peace treaties, not to work to calm down the upheavals in Syria that spill over into the country, not to build a vibrant economy - but to destroy Israel.

And the worst problem in the Arab world? Not education. Not poverty. Not terrorism. Not civil wars. Not Iraq or Syria or Egypt or Libya. No, the most serious problem in the Arab world is that some Arabs don't foam at the mouth at the idea of Israel existing.

Nasrallah, of course, is completely subservient to Iran. His words are Iran's words.

Pathological hate is at the root of Hezbollah's and Iran's policies.