Monday, August 4, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Islamic Jihad brags that dead Gaza babies are winning the media war for them

The Islamic Jihad mouthpiecePalestine Today is bragging that Gaza has won the media war - thanks to all those photos of dead babies. Yay!

There is a noticeable change in the attitudes of the mainstream media, and condemnation on Israel's targeting of civilians in the Gaza Strip, killing hundreds of children, and this is due to the resistance not targeting civilians as the resistance has done previously.' said one Palestinian media analyst.

Hamas and resistance factions began to realize the tools of the battle, in light of the explosion of news and information, and the proliferation of social networking sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter, and it dispensed with the suicide bombings it had used previously.

The resistance in Gaza has tools that enable them to manage the battle ethically, and more realistic, as directed as a battle against the Israeli soldiers.

Recently there have been dozens of articles published in the major British and American newspapers critical of Israel, and its war on the Gaza Strip... U.S. and British newspapers have accused Israel of bombing Palestinian civilians and kill their children, the British newspaper The Guardian published an article by writer Yuli Novak  (Breaking the Silence) criticizing the actions of the Israeli army during the war on Gaza, particularly in relation to the behavior of the Air Force , and said that Israeli aircraft bombed civilians in Gaza unabated.

Hani Habib, political writer in Palestinian Al-Ayyam in Ramallah in the West Bank said in an interview with Anatolia News Agency: 'The image is now different, obviously that the resistance triumphed in this battle. This time it differs, both in terms of articles published in the Israeli press, and in articles carries in Europe and the West, which carry pictures of the children of Gaza who are dead, in their bedroom, carrying their toys.'

Abdel-Sattar Qassem, writer and Palestinian political analyst, said that the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip has benefited from their previous experiences at both the military and the media levels.

He told Anatolia: "The resistance benefited from the experiences of previous wars with Israel, and it learned the lesson well, that they can direct painful blows to Israel by targeting its army, without the need to touch the civilians. "

He added, "The tone of condemnation by the media, and academics, in European countries, is evidence of the triumph of a message of resistance."
Perhaps the most absurd part of the statements is the idea that the terror groups did not target civilians with the 3000 rockets they fired on Israeli cities. 

But Iron Dome did intercept most of them, so they are now claiming that they never even aimed at civilians to begin with. This is more of that honor/shame mentality - since their rockets aimed at civilians mostly failed, they must claim that they never aimed to kill them to begin with!

They are right about one thing - too many Western reporters confuse results with intent. The absurd claim that Gaza terror groups are not aiming at Israeli civilians might resonate with clueless reporters since there are relatively few casualties. After all, these same clueless reporters conclude that Israel must be targeting civilians because hundreds of them were killed.

It is also notable how the "Zionists" of "Breaking the Silence," who claim they are only trying to improve the IDF's morals, are giving aid and comfort to terror groups via the pages of The Guardian.  How moral that is!