Sunday, August 3, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Israeli flag sales are booming in Jordan - so they can be burned

Assabeel reports that Jordanians are snapping up Israeli flags - in order to be able to burn them.

Ramiz Ali, who works in a shop in central Jordan, said that with the events in Gaza the number of customers who buy the Zionist flag has increased. They are forking over between 5 and 10 dinars (between $7 and $14,) and possibly more depending on the quality of the cloth.

Not long ago buying the Israeli flag was considered a disgrace, but the demand for it has been booming from activist movements, political parties, and trade unions, to burn in rallies and demonstrations and national festivals or put it in front of homes to walk over. 

In the city of Maan the municipal council put the Israeli flag on the floor of the entrance to the building so everyone who enters the building would step on it.

Political activist and union leader Mahmoud Amin Hiari said that that Jordanians are snapping up the Zionist flag in order to burn it, part of a campaign of solidarity with the Gaza Strip.

Hiari explained the significance of the symbols on the Israeli flag. He noted that the Israeli flag bears the Star of David with a hexagon; which is formed from two triangles of equal sides, one representing the tribe of Judah, and the other represents the tribe of Benjamin. Jews this star the shield of King David. But it is not only political, but it has other dimensions; signs of Freemasonry, which attracts negative energy and concentration, and if you look at the back of a dollar bill atop a pyramid, and above an eye that sees everything, and this eye symbolizes the one-eyed Antichrist, who Jews believe is the Savior.

The two blue lines, of course, represent the River Nile and the Euphrates River; referring to the desired boundaries of Israel, from the Euphrates to the Nile.

(If anyone reading this believes any of that nonsense, besides feeling sorry for you, Wikipedia has a more accurate description.)

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