Thursday, August 14, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: "The Qualities of Jews in the Quran"

Muslims never tire of saying to the Western media that they have no problem with Jews, they have wonderful Jewish friends and supporters, and all they are against are Zionists.

In Arabic, the story is a little different.

Dubai-based pan-Arab news site Moheet interviews a professor who discusses how Jews are portrayed in Islam's foundational text, the Quran.

Among the attributes of Jews that Muslims memorize every day:

  • Jews steal money
  • Jews use usury to enrich themselves and impoverish non-Jews
  • Jews don't care about human life
  • Jews are cowards, hiding behind fortified walls
  • Jews betray all agreements and covenants
  • Jews distort words of holy books
  • Jews  are killers of prophets and other fine people
  • Jews want to extinguish the light of Allah
  • Jews bring corruption to the lands they are in

Just in case you think that the article is really talking about Zionists and this was all a big mistake, here is their illustration:

As usual, this article did not cause a ripple of disagreement ot an ounce of discomfort in the Arab world. No condemnations, no distancing, no quibbles.

And, in the coverage.

Because it would be really awkward to notice that Arabs are far more antisemitic than anyone else, and that the antisemitism has nothing to do with Israel. If that was true, peace would be impossible, and to say that is sacrilegious - since holding  on to the unfounded belief of this being a purely political conflict than can be solved with diplomacy is as irrational, and as irrationally defended, as any religion