Monday, October 6, 2014

Ahavas Chessed day 1835 by Eli Solomon

L'ilui nishmas Yechezkel ben Yisroel Shulem u'Zvi Yehudah ben Avraham Yitzchok A"H

Hey, that's mine!
This past Yom Kippur a 14 year old girl went to Kol Nidrei with her own Machzor. It had big letters and english translation, just like she likes it. She davened from her machzor and was very happy, as all was well. The next morning when she came for shachris she noticed that the girl behind her was using her machzor. She wasn't 100 percent sure that the machzor was hers but she certainly wasn't going to make the girl feel bad by asking. So she ended up having to use whatever machzor she could find, which had small letters and no english translation. During the break between Mussaf and Mincha, when no one was looking, she double checked and confirmed that it was indeed her machzor. Of course, she left the machzor exactly where she found it, as she didn't want to embarrass her. So she continued to daven out of the small print non-english translated machzor. Sure it was Yom Kippur, and sure that isn't the day you want to embarrass someone, but it takes a special girl not to knee-jerk react the way most people would. May she be g'benched, and may she be an example to the rest of us during the rest of the year, about the rest of the chassodim that we can do but might not want to. Sometimes the print is smaller than we would like, and the seat is less comfortable that we would like, but our seat upstairs will be just right.

Step By Step
If someone uses something of mine by accident, I will allow them to in silence.