Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Origins of Contemporary Barbarism - An Exploration Into the Genesis of Islamic Terrorism

A young Christian girl was beheaded by ISIS in Iraq. ISIS members claim to be executing sharia law as outlined in the Koran

ISIS members prepare “infidels” (non-Muslims) in Iraq for execution style murder

Cartoon depicts an Islamic cleric shredding the constitution; all in the name of upholding Sharia law (Cartoon Credit: Mort Kuff)

We've been told since we were knee high that religion teaches us to be good to and show respect to others no matter what their religions or nationalities. But here are some examples of what a major faith's teaching to its followers can result in. Guess what religion supports, encourages and commands and exults in the following forms of behavior and outlook from its followers?
Christians in Iraq being crucified and left to die while on public display.
Journalists beheaded in videos for the world to see.
Christians in Egypt being herded in churches and then burning them to the ground with the victims barricaded inside.
Three Jewish teens in Israel tortured, slaughtered and then left to be discovered days later.
A mother being decapitated in Oklahoma.
Thirteen unarmed American troops killed and 30 severely injured in a shooting at Ft. Hood.
Petty thieves in Saudi Arabia have their right hands and left legs amputated by religious edict.
Take your pick from among the three major western faiths. Would the above atrocities be committed by those practicing the Jewish, Muslim or Christian religion? For the answer, let's go to the teachings of the holy book of the heralded "peaceful" religion that encourages such behavior.
"I will cast terror into the ears of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."
"And kill the Jews wherever you find them."
"The punishment for those who wage war against Allah and his messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this; that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides.."
Not hard to reach the correct conclusion. The atrocities noted above were committed by the adherents of Islam, the religion of peace, (referred to as such by both presidents G.W. Bush and Obama) which is the faith of over one point five billion Muslim people on this earth. They abide by the teachings of its holy book, the Koran, which dictates such horrid actions in order to create a Caliphate, a worldwide community which Muslims control in totality. Let's take a look at some of the facts and myths that permeate the thinking of those ignorant of Islam's history and its hatred of Jews.
So what is Islam? It's actually the baby of western religions, created by its prophet Muhammad in the year 622 CE. The revelations of its G-d, Allah, were delivered to him through the angel Gabriel. The Koran is composed of 144 chapters called suras. Eighty seven of them are hateful, calling for the slaughter of all non-Muslims (infidels) who refuse to convert or pay the jizyah tax to remain as dhimmis, or outcasts in the community.
Islam's geographic birthplace was Arabia, where at that time, Jewish communities flourished as centers of commerce in the path of the East-West trade route. Strange, isn't it, that Jews once populated what is now a Judenrein, Jew hating nation. To take a page out of the Palestinian demands on Israel, Jews could call for the return of their ancient cities they once considered their own in Arabia. How well would that be taken by the United Nations?
Mecca and Medina are the Holy cities in Islam. Muslims bow down to face them during their five daily prayer times. The never ending demand of the Palestinians to have Jerusalem in their control rests on the false claim that the age old capital of Israel is another one of its revered cities. Going over the Koran, one finds not one mention of that city within its pages. Strange, no? Rather, Jerusalem is mentioned over seven hundred times within the Torah and in the various prayer books used by Jews. In fact, during the hundreds of years that Jerusalem was controlled by the Islamic Ottoman Empire and the twenty years that Jordan ruled that city subsequent to the 1948 war for Israel's survival, there was no thought nor mention of that "revered" city being any different from, let's say, Amman, Beirut or Damascus. So chuck that wishful thinking piece of Islamic rubbish thought out the window.
Our schools still teach to the Christian Crusades being organized and sent out to recapture Jerusalem and in doing so, to destroy Islam. Actually, this was mostly a Christian defensive war against the Muslims who had crossed the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to conquer most of Spain, parts of France, Italy and the Balkans. But politically correct versions of the Crusades never mention the Islamic assault on Christian Europe that initiated the Christian response called the Crusades.
Many believe that Israel has no right to exist on traditionally Muslim land. They claim that Palestine had always been under their rule and Jews are merely interlopers. Factually, Jews have lived on that land for thousands of years. And when taking into consideration that there were no Muslims until the early 7th Century, how could they have been occupants since time immemorial of any land at all?
And what about the land of Palestine. That's the name given to that area in 72CE by the Romans in order to obliterate and remove the hated name, Israel, from the lexicon of the world's nations. The Romans had conquered that country and renamed it, Palestine. In 1917, England rolled out the Balfour Declaration, confirmed by the League of Nations, which granted a "Jewish homeland" encompassing all of the area of Palestine. The Islamic Ottoman Empire, which had controlled that land for hundreds of years lost it when they found themselves on the losing side with the Germans in WWI. In 1922, eighty percent of Palestine was stolen from the Jews by the League when they carved out and created the Muslim nation of Trans-Jordan. Surprisingly, Israel has never demanded the return of that original parcel of land. And again In 1948, half of the remaining area of the original Balfour Declaration was split in two, forming both another Muslim nation and the Jewish state of Israel. So Jews ended up with the proverbial ten percent of its original "promised land."
Any "peace on earth" preached by Muslims can only come about, in their thinking, by subjugating the entire world under an Islamic Caliphate. There is no room for any other religion under the guidelines in the Koran.. It is the book containing the words of G-d and that's that. To challenge its words is punishable by death. To mutilate or defame it in any way is considered a mortal sin. Recall the violence and victims of Muslim rioting after false rumors of American troops in Guantanamo trashing copies of the Koran.
The religion of Islam is still steeped in the ignorance and primitiveness of sixteen hundred years ago. Lying is still an accepted form of behavior under the call for "taqiyya," meaning "deception" in the Koran. The words and promises and signatures of Arafat, Abbas, Khomeini, Erdogan or Assad are meaningless to them. They are accustomed to lying in order to fulfill the goals of Islam. They are merely saying whatever they have to in order to mollify and subjugate infidels. Keep that in mind when our Western leaders sit down to bargain with and sign treaties with Muslim leaders. The Muslim world knew, that when Yasir Arfafat,signed the Oslo Accords on September 13, 1993, he was merely putting the practice of taqiyya into actual practice.
Why were we horrified when the Islamic group, Boko Haram, in Nigeria, kidnapped and eventually sold into slavery nearly 300 Christian schoolgirls? At best, Islam elevates the status of a woman to somewhere between that of a camel and a man. Muhammed captured women in war and treated them as a tradable commodity.
The words of Allah, as handed down to the prophet explicitly permits women to be kept as sex slaves. These are hardly things in which Muslims can take pride. So where are the all too familiar women's support groups to shout out the bitter hatred in Islam for women? Why are not the National Organization for Women or our own liberal congresswomen beating the drums against Islam's obvious "war on women?" Why no outrage from these groups when Ayann Hirsi Ali, a born Muslim, was barred from telling of the horrors of her growing up female in Somalia by Brandeis University? Were her reports of the female genital mutilation under Islamic law too much for college kids to take? Or was our liberal academic community fearful of outing the intolerance and low level of acceptance Islam has for women?
While we stand back and slap our heads in horror as the primitive and barbaric rituals of Islam reach our living rooms and breakfast tables through the media, just what plans are our country and Western civilization putting together to stem this tide of hatred and intolerance? ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic Society, or whatever we choose to call it on any given day is no different in its goal of wiping out any other belief from this planet of ours than the myriad of other Islamic groups. Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, Islamic Jihad all are located in the Middle East. But their counterparts in supporting and financing terror are right here in the United States, as well.
The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), The Muslim Students Association (MSA), The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), and The North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), among dozens of others, all seek to mesmerize Americans to believe that Islam is a non-threatening religion. They are all deeply embedded in our society. Politicians are financed by and speak at their functions giving these terror supporting groups the badge of being part of the American scene. Nothing could be further from the truth. CAIR and many of the other organizations listed here were ruled as unindicted co-conspirators by our court system for its fundraising for Hamas.
The MSA rules the roost in many of our top colleges. University professors are more than happy to have speakers with Islamic ties lecture to their classes, while those willing to speak the truth about Islam, such as Nonie Darwish, David Horowitz and the aforementioned Hirsi Ali are persona non grata at the university level.
To counter the tsunami of radical Islam currently over-running our country as it is doing so smoothly in Europe, we must educate not only ourselves but our families and neighbors to this looming threat. Many of our more liberal politicians are willfully ignorant of this Muslim menace. Our mainstream media acts as the "useful idiot" in disparaging Israel for its successful attempts to evade the tentacles of the Islamic Hamas and Fatah.
The Muslim Brotherhood, the parent of most of the violent Islamic groups has infiltrated itself into the White House and other vital government agencies. Robert Spencer, in his fantastic book, "Stealth Jihad," tries to inform us of the methods by which Islamists are successfully making inroads into our society, government and educational institutions. Unless we are aware not only of the threats, tactics and actions but of the goals of these groups, our children and grandchildren will pay the ultimate penalty of our laziness, inaction and apparent helplessness.

Alan Bergstein is a proud Jewish activist and a prolific public speaker. He is a retired New York City school principal, father of four and a Korean War veteran.