Thursday, November 13, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Abbas praises Neturei Karta at Arafat memorial

Mahmoud Abbas praised the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta organization during his speech commemorating the anniversary of Yasir Arafat's death.

Abbas said that Neturei Karta is made up of "Jews who stand with our people,"and he used them as proof that Palestinian Arabs do not differentiate between religions, "and this is evidence that we can live in brotherhood and all go to the mosque or the church."

NK members were at the memorial service with anti-Israel banners.

It is unclear if Abbas would welcome Neturei Karta members to visit the Temple Mount.

What he didn't say is that Neturei Karta was, and possibly still is, on the PLO's payroll. Arafat paid their leader tens of thousands of dollars, and even after Arafat's death he was appointed the PLO's "Minister of Jewish Affairs."

In short, the PLO helps prop up Neturei Karta so they can they claim that they are not antisemitic, even as they publicly admit that they want to cleanse their "state" of all Jews. If NK didn't exist, the PLO would create them.

Neturei Karta members are often seen attending anti-Israel rallies on Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath. Here's one where they are seen during a Saturday rally in Toronto while the speaker calls to murder all the Jews in Jerusalem (except, maybe, members of NK): "We say get out or you’re dead! We give them two minutes and then we start shooting! And that’s the only way they will understand.” 

In this 2011 video from a Saturday demo in London, NK members admit on camera that they are not allowed to talk on the camera on the Sabbath!

Neturei Karta members who happily met with Iranian Holocaust deniers have no problem invoking the Holocaust to slam Israel:

It seems appropriate for the biggest Jewish hypocrites to be aligned with the biggest Arab hypocrites.

Notably, in 2012 Jordanians beat a group of Neturei Karta members attempting to attend an anti-Israel rally.

I guess the Arabs they are not quite as tolerant of Jews as Mahmoud Abbas pretends they are.