Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: The big Palestinian question: Do they mourn or celebrate the terrorists?

Mosques in the neighborhood of the terrorists who attacked a synagogue this morning announced three days of mourning - for the murderers.

This is being reported by the Shehab news agency.

This happens at the same time that Arabs are celebrating the murders with candy.

Indeed, some of the commenters to that post say that it is inappropriate to mourn the heroic martyrs who are being welcomed to Paradise at this very moment.

In fact, when Shahab reported the pretend "condemnation" by Mahmoud Abbas of the attack, readers were most upset. One wrote repeatedly "I am a Palestinian, Mahmoud Abbas does not represent me." Another wrote that he hopes  that, Allah willing, they kill "Rabbi Mahmoud Abbas" next.

In addition, they are calling the rabbis who were murdered "dogs" and hoping they go to hell.

Shehab also showed a photo of what they said were sweets being handed out by British Muslims. 

They have congratulatory messages from people and politicians all over the world, including Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Libya and Mauritania.

Shehab also reproduces this poster celebrating the attack, saying "This is the way from now on."

It looks like the consensus is to celebrate the murder of Jews praying.

These are the moderate peace partners that the EU and the West never threaten with sanctions. No, that's reserved for the nation that is trying to survive these attacks.