Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: 4 out of 5 Palestinians support stabbing random Jews in Israel

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research just released their latest poll on Palestinian Arab attitudes.

Here is one of their findings:

80% support and 20% oppose attempts by individual Palestinians to stab or run over Israelis in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank.
The pollster pretends that this is partially a result of another big finding:
An overwhelming majority (86%) believes that al Haram al Sharif is in grave danger: 56% believe that Israel intends to destroy al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and replace them with a Jewish temple.

The two are related, but not in the way the pollster claims.

Both of those findings as a result of Mahmoud Abbas and his state-run media, not to mention the incitement from Hamas and other terror groups and plenty of social media, that constantly lie about Jews "desecrating" and planning to destroy Al Aqsa, as well as inciting people to defend it "by any means necessary." Arabic media has been in a frenzy over, literally, nothing and the broad-based support for murder comes directly from this incitement at both the political and media levels.

More proof comes from this other finding, also a direct reflection of what the Arabic media has been trying to push:

56% support return to an armed intifada...Three months ago, support for a return to armed intifada stood at 50% and six months ago at 41%.
Israeli policy hasn't changed. The amount of incitement in Arabic media and from "moderate" politicians, on the other hand, has increased a great deal.

And through some strange freakish logic, many Europeans and "progressives" use these sorts of findings as a reason to give the would-be murderers more and more, in the hope that they will be appeased.