Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Storm Subsided for Kovod Hameis – ZAKA Reburies Jewish Man WHo Was In Christian Cemetery


A lonely Jew who was niftar six months ago was interred in a Christian cemetery in the center of Israel due to a lack of identification.

As Zaka volunteers were becoming involved the storm alerts began appearing. They consulted with the organization’s rabbonim including Rav Yaakov Rosa, who instructed them to do everything possible to exhume the niftar and remove him from the Christian cemetery as soon as possible, even during the harsh weather.A month ago, a number of relatives that live abroad began having strange dreams and in each of these dreams the niftar appeared to the various family members. At first they ignored the dreams, viewing them as one time occurrences. However, when the dreams began to reoccur they understood something was going on. When the family members began probing they learned the relative who had died and was interred in a Christian cemetery. The family turned to Zaka earlier in the week explaining the dreams and after probing they learned their relative had been buried in a non-Jewish cemetery. They learned he was buried between graves bearing crucifixes R”L.
A team headed by Zaka commander Berela Yakobovitz got the required equipment and arrived at the cemetery on Wednesday morning, as the storm picked up nationwide. The strong winds and accompanying rains would make their work near impossible. However, as they began digging the rain halted and for two hours, as they worked to exhume the body, the skies remained dry. Not even a drop of rain was felt. When they completed their task and placed the niftar in a Zaka ambulance the rains resumed, almost immediately.
The niftar was interred in the Ramle Beis Hachaim by Zaka.