Thursday, February 12, 2015

18+ Graphic Content -Video from Afghanistan/Pakistan - Playing soccer with heads of decapitated men

Documentation of war crimes, crimes against humanity and terrorism. This video has not been uploaded to glorify the crimes but to document them.

Video supposedly recorded at Pakistan-Afghan border area showing alleged Taliban members behave in a, to put it mildly, strange manner - They have decapitated their victims and play soccer with the chopped of heads.

1.Note: The men whom you can see in the video speak a Pashto dialect, it's definitely not Dari (Persian dialect spoken in parts of Afghanistan) and therefore it can be assumed that the men are Pashtun. The video could have been recorded in Pakistan, at the Pakistan-Afghan border area or in Afghanistan.

2.Note: The criminals whom you can see in this video are not ordinary Muslims, but Wahhabis - followers of Wahhabism. Wahhabism is an ultra-radical branch of Sunni Islam originated in Saudi Arabia. Only a small minority (about 3-5%) of the world's billion Muslims are Wahhabis despite the tens of billions of petrodollars spent by the Saudis propagating their creed. Wahhabi Islam, the primary religious movement behind extremist Islam, includes beliefs and doctrines not found elsewhere. 

Here’s a *rough* translation:

00:00 – “Why did I leave the Tehrek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP)?”

00:04 – “My name is Rasool Jan. I live in Bara Tehsil. In 2008, I joined the TTP.”

00:12 – “A few years ago, we attacked a post in Bara Tehsil.”

00:45 – “After the attack, we … for which we are well known.”

01:14 – “We cut off their heads and took them with us.”

01:28 – “Commander Jangraiz Tehrek-e Taliban Bara Tehsil.”

01:50 – “After this, we played football.”

02:34 – “However, after football ended, my tolerance of them also 
ended and I fled from the TTP. I pray that my brothers and Allah forgive
me and may the families of the policemen also forgive me.”