Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: "Anti-Jew" rally in London scheduled for March 22

A Facebook page called "Liberate Stamford Hill"is holding a rally in London, ostensibly against a Jewish Neighborhood Watch-type group:

Against Anti-White Oppression

Sunday, March 22nd (1400-1600hrs): Assemble at Clapton Common in Stamford Hill, Hackney.

We are demonstrating against the illegal and unlawful Shomrim Police that are enforcing talmudic law on British streets. These armed thugs are impersonating our police yet they have not been arrested in doing so, in fact, they are supported by the Metropolitan police. In Stamford Hill, Whites are openly spat at in the street and made to feel as if they are Second-Class citizens in their own country, we say ENOUGH White Man, It's time we fightback!

Recently, signs were placed around Stamford Hill that told Women to walk on the opposite side of the road to men, this form of Talmudic law is worse than Sharia law and yet nobody is confronting it!

Join us on March 22nd, 2015 at 1400 Hours where we will demonstrate against the Shomrim Police of Stamford Hill.

Shomrim members are trained by and cooperate with the London police. There is nothing secretive about them and in the wake of the HyperCacher massacre they have stepped up their patrols - to protect Jews against the very people who are now demonstrating against them.

(The signs they are referring to were put in place during a Jewish celebration and were not meant as a demand for the general public to adhere to.)

Even though this Facebook page pretends that they have some legitimate grievances against Shomrim, the other posts there and comments show that this is nothing but pure hatred of Jews. 

Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer (not linking to it) makes that clear:
The yids are flipping their lids over a planned anti-Jew rally next month in London, and as of right now attendance is required for all Daily Stormer readers who live within striking distance.

On March 22nd, in the highly Jewed-out neighborhood of Stamford Hill, those fed-up with the Jew control of the once-proud nation of Britain will meet to stand against the parasite and demand he leave the country.

The protest is being organized by the heroic Jew-fighter Joshua Bonehill.
Bonehill is a proud Jew-hater:
I want to draw your attention to the on-going foreign occupation of a White district in London. Stamford Hill, a district of London, based in North Hackney under the parliamentary control of prolific Labour Party Racist, Diane Abbott, has been taken from the White man and occupied by the foreign Jewish enemy. Stamford Hill was once an ancient Anglo-Saxon settlement where the White man flourished in his rightfully owned lands, now today we see an occupation force of approximately 50,000 Jews occupying this land. If the sheer number of Non-White immigrants was not bad enough, the Jewish occupiers of Stamford Hill have now established their own Police Force to which is known to them as the “Shomrim Police”. This undemocratic and false police force wear uniforms supplied to them by the Metropolitan Police, they receive training from the Metropolitan police and are supported by the Labour Party MP, Diane Abbott.

The Shomrim Police enforce their own evil Talmudic Jewish Law...

Due to the Jewish program of Eugenics, the Jews of Stamford Hill are breeding at an alarming rate, further expanding their criminal territory into other London boroughs. There have been reports of White people having to sell up their homes and move out of London because the Jews have harassed them, with allegedly Anti-White campaigns of hatred and racism. I use Stamford Hill as an example of the Jewish Problem, but one must understand that this is repeated up and down this country, in every major city and town.
I just checked the calendar, and, yes, this is 2015.