Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: One year ago, Israeli authorities demolished a synagogue for building code violations. "Rights groups" were silent.

On February 12, 2014, Jerusalem authorities demolished a building for violating building codes.

It was a synagogue.

The synagogue itself, run by Rabbi Avital Maimon,  wasn't illegal, but a balcony built above it was too large, and that balcony was on top of the synagogue roof. So the synagogue was destroyed, even as members of the city council tried frantically to delay the demolition to find a solution.

Jews bitterly complained that dozens of illegally built mosques are left untouched in Jerusalem because of "tolerance" but this Jewish house of worship was destroyed.

The story didn't make it into the English-language press.

Because it was only a synagogue that was destroyed, not an Arab house..
I looked at the archives of the site "Rabbis for Human Rights" for February 2014, and could not find a single article about the demolition of a synagogue, even while they have dozens of articles about Israel demolishing illegally built Arab homes.

The impression that these "rabbis" want to give is that Israel only destroys Arab homes, and that Israel's assertions that the buildings are built illegally is a lie.

This story shows that they are the ones who are lying. And the fact that they did not want to publish a word to defend a synagogue being demolished shows that they aren't rabbis in any real sense of the word.

This unreported story proves that Israeli authorities will demolish buildings that violate building codes no matter who the owner is.

The fact that it was unreported shows that there are many people who do not want the truth that might disrupt their anti-Israel memes to be revealed.