Monday, March 23, 2015

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Jew-hating Arabs freak out over hasidim dancing in Jordan's airport

This video, taken at Jordan's Queen Alia Airport, is causing an uproar in the Arab world:

Al Jazeera (Arabic) reports that this video has raised the ire of Arabs on social media. Some are saying that they are performing "Talmudic rituals."

Many Arabs attacked the airport management and the Jordanian government on Twitter for not taking punitive action against what they call a "settler group" which had been waiting for their plane to take-off.

Others asked if Israel would allow "Palestinian resistance activists" to dance in Ben Gurion airport.

Yet others expressed their general disgust at this video of celebrating Jews. One said "Jordanians support Hamas, and the Zionists are dancing on our dignity."

Another wrote, "They did not carry knives and a weapon, they are only carrying the blood of the Palestinian people." Another said, "The Al-Aqsa Mosque is desecrated every day, the while the Arabs are asleep." One more said "they killed our beloved and then danced on our land." 

Airport officials were more sanguine. Queen Alia airport management downplayed the video, saying, "The video was very short, and no travelers complained.,...the management of the airport has not received a single complaint from any passenger on the Incident that took place." It also denied that the dances mentioned are "an expression of Jewish religious ritual." Because, of course, that would be terrible.

The spokeswoman stressed that the authorities asked them not to dance or create chaos inside the airport.

Many Breslov hasidim travel to Uman, Ukraine through Jordan's airport for pilgrimages to the gravesite of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Every single song being sung is a wedding song, indicating that one of the passengers recently became engaged or married. There was nothing remotely Zionist or Israeli in these dances. But the idea of Jews dancing in Jordan is nothing less than horrible to many Arabs.