Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Introduction to Abir Martial Arts with Grandmaster Yehoshua Sofer

Read the Hebrew Bible and you'll see amazing tales of the battles the God of Israel won for His people, the Israelites... 
  • How did they actually fight in those battles? 
If the Israelites won countless victories over many ancient nations - the 'Amaleqites, the Cana'anites, the Ammonites, the Moavites, the Babylonians - and if hundreds of Israelites regularly defeated tens of thousands of soldiers...  
  • How did they overcome such overwhelming odds?
 Historical records tell of the Judean armed resistance against the Greek and Roman armies, attesting that they fought valiantly in wars which lasted for many years... 
  • How did they defeat the armies of world superpowers who had conquered the entire world?
  • What was the Israelites' secret to the art of war?  
  • Were they simply untrained and lucky farmers?
 Or is it possible that they were skilled and seasoned warriors, masters of an ancient warrior art that has survived to this very day?
Many people do not know that the Israelites possess a mighty warrior tradition that has been kept and developed over thousands of years...
the very tradition which we teach and practice today:

History of Abir
Abir, as a fighting system of the people of Israel, began with the three patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Abraham was the son of Terah, the warlord of Nimrod (ruler of the kingdom of Babylon); he had a monotheistic revelation and left Babylon for the land of Cana'an. Abraham taught the fighting system he had learned from his father, Abir-Qesheth, to his son Isaac, who ... read more

About The Aluf Abir
The term "Aluf Abir" refers to the "grandmaster" of the Abir-Qesheth warrior tradition. Yehoshua Avner Sofer Ma'atuf-Do, the current Aluf Abir, began training in the warrior arts at the age of three, under the instruction of his grandfather, the previous Aluf Abir. After the death of his grandfather, Sofer continued to train under the instruction of his father, the Abir Ro'yim. As a part of completing this training... read more
About Abir
Abir is the combat system of the Judaic, Hebrew-Israelite nation.
  As one might expect from the children of Israel, Abir is a combat system which is inseparable from, and subordinate to, authentic Torah rulings concerning every action which is taken by its practitioners.  The system provides a deep, spiritual expression of faith and commitment to ...  read  more