Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Delegation of senior Palestinians in aveilim home in Me'ah Shearim Exclusive to Behadrei Hareidim. Seniors from the Palestinian Authority arrived for a consolation visit to the members of the Hirsch family, one of the heads of Neturei Karta in Meah Shearim. Among the visitors: the one who holds the El-Kodes portfolio, Chatam Abed El Kadar. On the background of the Palestinian flag, the visitors praised the activity of the members of the family "for peace between the nations".

residents of the ein yaakov street in the meah shearim suburb in jerusalem, rubbed their eyes on tuesday in amazement, when they noticed a delegation of senior palestinians which marched in the streets of the neighborhood. 

the delegation which came from ramala included the one who holds the el kodes portfolio in the palestinian authority – chatam abed el kadar, his brother who serves as sheikh, the general secretary of the moslem-christian council, dr. hana issa, and other seniors. 

they came in order to console the hirsch family whose mother passed away. 
this is no usual scene in the neighborhood, but the strong bond between the sons of the deceased, israel meir and mordechai yehoshua and the palestinian authority, brought about this visit. 

in an exclusive documentation which reached behadrei hareidim, those sitting in the room, the seniors, the members of family and curious visitors from the neighborhood, are seen. 

during the joint seating, the representative of the moslem-christian council passed a consolation letter to the members of the hirsch family. 

the palestinians also praised the mother for having done a lot for peace between the nations. 

those who were sharp-eyed, could notice that a palestinian flag stood on the side of the room.