Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Civil trial attorney Baruch C. Cohen, the Master of Ceremonies for the Hatzolah of Los Angeles 2015 Banquet Dinner at the Universal Hilton 3-10-2015

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Hatzolah of Los Angeles from Yoni Oscherowitz on Vimeo.

Hatzolah of L.A., Dauer Honoree from Yoni Oscherowitz on Vimeo.

“Good evening. We all know Hatzolah during times of distress and in times of peril, and thank God, that we have a Hatzolah in our community.

But do we know the internal dynamics, do we know the operational costs and expenses in running this critical organization that saves lives?

Did you know, that Hatzolah dispatchers answer more than a two thousand calls in Los Angeles every year, that’s an average of two to five calls each day. Many times it averages 150 calls a month.

Whatever the need, dispatchers are available every hour of night and day in the Pico/Roberson, Hancock Park and Valley Village/North Hollywood neigborhoods.

In the event of a dispatch three members will typically respond. In the event of a life threatening injury five members are dispatched.

The average response time is less than 90 seconds because the Hatzolah volunteers are responding from within the community and are coming from close proximity.

Hatzolah medics are certified by the Los Angeles County EMS Agency as Emergency Medical Technicians. All Hatzolah members are equipped with life-saving equipment including stretchers, oxygen, airway management devices, trauma management accessories and Automatic External Defibrillators. Our Hatzolah bags costs approximately $1,500 per bag.  Our Hatzolah defribulators costs us approximately $1500 - every time used because it must be replaced.  Hatzolah’s yearly budget is approximately $150,000.00.

There are more than 100 Hatzolah personnel in Los Angeles and they donate their time knowing this chessed will help ensure the well-being and safety of the communities that Hatzolah serves.

Although the staff are volunteers, there is no charge for a Hatzolah call, so fundraising is an important element of the organization.

This year, Hatzolah is in need of more than 100 radio upgrades and our funds are limited. Hatzolah also needs funding for new emergency equipment.  The better our equipment, the better is our ability to help. This is one of the goals of our tribute dinner. Please help us reach our goals to meet and surpass our yearly budget. We also need new volunteer dispatchers and volunteers.”