Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Elder of Ziyon: "Gaza Man" video game shows Gazans shooting rockets, RPGs at Israelis

Gaza Man is more than just a game! It elevates the morale and the fighting spirit of its users. What the user experiences in the game can be translated from the virtual world of the game into the reality of his life in the Occupied Territories. This way, it helps to keep his will to achieve liberation alive, and helps to instill a deep dedication to the struggle against the occupier.

Gaza Man was designed to be fit for all ages, and to appeal to the dreams and aspirations of its users. During the game, the player is taken into various levels of difficulty, and is required to apply courage and wisdom in facing the obstacles in these levels. It tests his speed, his skills and his intelligence. The creators of the game aim to stimulate the spirit of resistance against injustice in the young generation, and considers Gaza Man to be its first effort towards attaining this goal
Arab news articles say that "The game is one of the most important Arabic productions in terms of programming, production and marketing, to promote the idea of the right of resistance in defense of the rights of the Palestinian people, and a strategy to electronically create a way toward the Liberation of Palestine" .

I wonder if the game shows "the resistance"  shooting people who want to leave their homes, building terror tunnels instead of building houses, kidnapping and murdering Israeli teens, shooting rockets that fall on their own people, aiming rockets at Jewish communities, executing alleged "collaborators" on the street to the enthusiasm of children watching, instructing Gazans to lie to Westerners and say that everyone who is killed is a civilian, attacking during humanitarian truces meant to help Gazans get food and shelter, threatening reporters who mention what they are doing, and using hospitals to protect their brave leaders.

Or are they not quite as proud of those real achievements?