Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Egyptian protesters burn down library. Israel blamed

From Al Arabiya:

The fire that broke out in a Cairo library that houses thousands of rare documents raised concerns over the government’s and the army’s ability to protect historic sites at times of upheaval and drove several experts to warn of a possible intervention by foreign entities to preserve the heritage at risk.

Legal and archeological experts described failure to contain the fire that devoured large parts of the Scientific Complex in downtown Cairo and to rescue the priceless maps, manuscripts, and books kept inside as a disaster and warned that the possibility of similar acts of sabotage would make foreign intervention very likely.

...The fact that the fire targeted the Scientific Complex and maps of Egypt’s borders in particular raises a lot of questions about a possible conspiracy, according to [professor of archeology, Mamdouh al-]Masry.

“Was setting the complex on fire intentional in order to eliminate evidence of the borders between Egypt and Israel? Is Israel up to something especially after the Islamist victory in parliamentary election?” he said.

Egyptian archeology professor Ayman Hassan al-Dahshan agreed that a conspiracy is involved in the library fire.

“Why did the military make sure they take photos of the fire minute by minute but did not make an effort to rescue the building and arrest the saboteurs?”

Dahshan argued that the military council is either an accomplice in the act for some unknown reason or has lost control and is unable to control acts of sabotage and to distinguish between protestors and thugs.

“In all cases, what happened to a library that houses the heritage of the most vital country in the Middle East is definitely meant to undermine the state.”
Yes, those expansionist Zionists clearly want to grab some Egyptian land, and the best way to do that is to create a protest where a fire can plausibly break out and burn lots of books that may or may not include a few that show Egypt's border with Israel.

The massive fence they are building probably has wheels, so they can move it a few meters every few days, until the entire Sinai is back in Israeli hands - and Egypt will have no recourse, because all their maps would be burned! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!